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Harry Reid says taxes are voluntary

Jan Helfeld interviews Senator Harry Reid about
redistributive taxes. Reid maintains redistributive taxes are not a problem because people are not forced to pay taxes. He says taxation is voluntary???. How and why does Harry Reid get into this bind and make such a preposterous statement?

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Well, technically it is an excise tax

As written, the income tax is actually an excise tax that is -or should be- avoidable if one doesn't engage in federally excise taxable activities. So in that sense, it is indeed voluntary.

Unfortunately, in practice, the income tax is so widely misunderstood that it has come to be mis-applied and effectively enforced as an unavoidable direct tax.

For those who are interested, there is a great book on the subject entitled: "Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America", available for purchase here

There is also a wealth of free information available at the author's website:

Edit: I was responding to the title and the description of the video, but hadn't watched the video. I decided to watch it and had to go back and change the title of my comment (it originally read "Well, technically, he's right"). Reid is talking non-sense. He probably doesn't even know the true nature of the tax.

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Yeah, riiight. Of course they are.

Yeah, riiight. Of course they are.

It's just we're such an unexpected big number of MASOCHISTS down here!

I, for one, looooove to be robbed my dozen thousands $$$ a year at gun point! Such a delightful, recurring-without-fail experience.

Really, I looooove TO BE SCREWED, with no say for my own family's sake. Really, I do! (not)

Hey, Harry, btw: and how about YOU BUZZ-the-fudge-OFF, now?

That'd be voluntary for YOU, too, ya think?

Just wondering!

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doesn't it say in the tax code it's voluntary? seems like i remember something like that on 'freedom to fascism.'

anywho.. reid is scum. i think we're going to need a new vocabulary for the 113th congress and senate. the typical disparaging comments just don't do them justice anymore.

keep up the good work, helfeld. love watching these criminals get frustrated.

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Thank you for your support and interest in my work.

Thank you for your support and interest in my work. Tell your friends

Jan Helfeld


In the world did he just say? WOW!!