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Looks like Louisiana's 7th District went big for Ron Paul

Looks like Louisiana's 7th District went big for Ron Paul - was reading in a forum of someone who had participated in the LA 7th district and it was all Ron Paul. He said the Ron Paul people were clapping as they left the Caucus site.

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Quote from RonPaulWarRoom

"I spoke with the field director for LA and he said that they are still counting and will have results posted on GOP website in the morning. He did say that in Natchitoches Ron Paul won 11 of the 15 Delegates. He also said that there was a really poor showing of people, and that there was only less than 100 people at some sites. We won’t know until tomorrow, but it looks very positive for Ron Paul."


hope the good news keeps coming...

Totally awesome

Thank you for the link. This is so cool! Dugg it!


here is the text

'Me and my kiddos just got back....wooohooo!!! College kids galore..middle agers..vets...Ron Paul EVERYWHERE!

The Mitt folks looked like deer in headlights!!

District 7 coordinators...you guyz rocked it!!

The best part was when we were leaving my 2 yr old started chanting "Ron Paul..Ron Paul...Ron Paull....." and the folks outside started clapping, hollering etc..

I am so freakin pumped...I wanna jump on a horse with a gun and run through town yelling "the neo cons are coming....the neocons are coming"""" down with the Neocons!

my estimate at least 2:1 Ron Paul over any other...maybe even 3:1'

Paul might well have won some delegates in Wyoming, too, if a simple plurality were enough to win in the district caucuses there; but they do runoffs until someone has a majority, so Paul's 35-45% support in some areas there was not enough to win anything for him.

Posted by bbartlog | January 22, 2008 7:52 PM

Do you have a link

you could post here?