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Florida Activates System For Citizens To Call Each Other Terrorists

Sheriffs in 13 Northeast Florida counties announced an online system Thursday for residents to report suspicious activity they think may be terrorism-related.

Individuals can make reports online to any one of the counties from Nassau to Alachua that are part of the iWATCH program.

The site provides examples of red flags to watch for, such as people with an unusual interest in building plans or who are purchasing materials useful in bomb making. Important places to watch include hobby stores and dive shops.

Read more at: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-05-16/story/tipping-...

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use it against them

and jam their phone lines with calls about their own
they might get sick and tired,or them lines will self destruct

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

So who's bright idea was it

So who's bright idea was it to get the people to mistrust the people, do you think that even one instance of false claims is acceptable, or is the by product to all this agreeable...that would be, the artificially created mistrust from the people, to the people, who coincendently if were so united, would be a pretty big thorn in somebodies backside who may want to do things a united and FREE people would disagree with

United States of Snitches