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Military Force Against Citizens Require No Prior Approvals: What Is Going On Here ?

The firestorm over the recient revelation upon the military's involvement in quelling civil uprisings, largely went unnoticed by the MSM, but raised several posts in response here.
Further explanation by the military upon this policy does nothing to ease the mind:


Posse Commitatus is DOA, and it seems that our military feels that for almost any reason at all, with or without any prior approval or justification that they may waltz in, guns blazing to quell grandmas bingo party because it upset the liberal toady down the street.
The odor of tyranny has eclipsed that of the landfill, the cesspool, and the basement of the outhouse combined: where can this go that does not end badly?

God Bless

Up votes keeps it in the public eye, thank you.

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