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The Hidden Secret- Did you Know?

So everyone knows about the 50 states with delegates, but did you know about Guam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa which have delegates?

Yes, I doubt any candidate did sh-t here, but combined these terrorities give 50 delegates, Puerto Rico with the most having 23 alone.

So do we have this covered, cuz if not and IF we have time then we need to get these places full of RP delegates if the time hasn't ended. This will be a brokered convention so EVERY ONE counts!!! If we can get these FREEBIES, all will be good!!!

Just wondering if anyone knew this, cuz if not we need to find out the info. BTW I got this from wiki:


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bump "We can be free and


"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP

i've been thinking about this too

meetups in these areas could really make a big difference


Okay folks...did you get that? Meetup groups? Precinct leaders?

Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

The only way to get Guam on

The only way to get Guam on board is to explain that if Dr.Paul were to pull the troops back home that this wouldn't effect Guam and would probably bring more troops there.

Guam is having a massive make over and is moving a bunch of troops from Okinawa over. They haven't had a build up like this since the '60s and they are loving the effect on their local economy.

You would have to somehow explain that a troop reduction around the world would benefit them. Most Guamanians vote for the pro-war president.

Guam is U.S. soil....

Bring the troops home from Japan and Korea to Guam.....

good point

yep totally agree, I wouldn't mind troops being there, and it doesn't go against what RP says about protecting US, since it is part of US. hehe

"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP

thats just 1 of them!

well we still have other ones, but how many of these people actually vote? If we have some committed RP folks maybe we'll win the primary. Anyways this is just Guam, Puerto Rico is the main one.

We may do better on the other ones.

"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP

Strong nationalist movement in PR

They'd appreciate less control from Washington, as fas as I know though, they don't pay taxes so that's no big deal...