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Reveal To Me The Real Scandals Three

Currently there are three major scandals that are plaguing the Obama administration. While each of these scandals are representative of what we should come to expect from government, the media coverage and general outrage seem to miss the real scandals.

I will now reveal to you the three real scandals we should be discussing.

Scandal #1: Benghazi

People are angry that the President did not respond quickly enough to the attack at the consulate in
Benghazi, Libya that took the life of ambassador Christopher Stevens. There is also outrage that the attack was initially blamed on an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and not called an act of “terrorism”.

The Real Scandal: Blowback

The question that should be asked about Benghazi is “why does the U.S. have a presence in Benghazi, Libya?”

This was not some sort of friendly “consulate” in Benghazi. It seems to have been a center of intelligence planning for the funding and arming of the insurgents in Syria. Acts of “terrorism” such as the Benghazi attack are acts of blowback - the CIA’s own term for the terrorist response to U.S. military presence and C.I.A. intervention in foreign countries.

When the U.S. military and intelligence apparatus is used to intervene in foreign countries all over the globe using violence, we can expect to see violence in retaliation. U.S. foreign policy seems to go out of its way to intervene and incite as much hatred as possible in the rest of the word.

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