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Gas Price

Who is responsible for the current gas price's. I paid $4.40 a gallon in The state of Minnesota ! What a bunch _ock _uckers instead our law makers are all worried about marriage and football stadiums. What a bunch of DUMB same as above C S IDIOTS. If GAS prices stay at this rate for very long the dollar will collapse very soon.

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The media blames it on Refineries, So I think Gov. should have been working on a solution to refineries instead of marriage and football stadiums. Let the church do civil marriage, NOT the state. And the franchise owners pay for their stadiums NOT the (smokers)and tax payers. I like the idea of growing hemp that someone mentioned below. PS I don't care what someone does in their own bed room, its not any of my business.

while the government could

while the government could probably interefere less in the gas industry, it also shouldn't make policy to try and reduce the price of gas.

Its all rigged

Its all rigged

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A 70 cent increase in the last 48 hours

here in SW Missouri.

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Upvoted and props for the idea

But might want to work on the homo-erotic projection.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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All the more reason

to start supporting hemp for our fuel.

"First, a simple comparison of energy content reveals that a dry ton of [Hemp] biomass crops — $40 is a reasonable current average cost — is comparable to oil at $10–13 a barrel.
— From Richard G Lugar and R James Woolsey Foreign Affairs article “The New Petroleum.” "


Let's see, if a barrel of hemp oil is $10-$13 (in comparison to oil), that would mean we'd be paying an average of $.75-$1.25 a gallon, no?

Talking about this shit gets me pumped up.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

This bump's for you Dan T.

This bump's for you Dan T. Man


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Good video $3.00 increase in 10 years wow. It would be funny video if it didn't hurt so much. My cost of doing business went up $200.00 a month at the current price. In just a couple of weeks