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Libertarian K12 School - I need a new MOTTO.

A while back I mentioned that I am turning a private school into the first Libertarian K12 school in the WORLD. Well today I am changing the motto of the school, currently it is "Forming Leaders" or "Creating Leaders" as it can best be translated from Spanish.

Just a quick background on what I am doing right now. I am implementing a three year rotation for the yearly theme, or central message. Essentially school activities such as plays, reading, field trips, etc., will revolve around the central theme. This is our first year, and I chose "Freedom with Responsibility". For next year I have chosen "Natural Rights". And for the final year "Blind Justice". I figured with those three topics, libertarianism is pretty much summed up; you have all the freedom you like but are responsible for your actions...your rights are only those given to you by your creator (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)...but your rights only go so far until they reach anothers rights...and if an agreement is not met, then a fair judicial system (blind justice), will determine the fate of the disagreement. As a student goes from elementary school to middle school and finally to high school, the themes are investigated more in depth. My goal is to teach the students to become independent, critical thinking, members of society. It should never be necessary to teach them that communism/socialism/totalitarianism are bad, they will know it themselves. Just as it will not be necessary to teach that libertarianism is good since if they understand the concepts of freedom, natural rights and a blind judicial system, then they will know it for themselves.

So what I need are some good ideas for the new Motto for the school. It needs to be short and should somehow encompass the ideology of libertarianism but not be so blunt like, "Libertarian Students Graduate Here".

Monday the President-Elect is arriving in our little tiny town of 20k people and I would like to include this into the speech for him. So the quicker I can get those ideas the better.

Thanks in Advance!

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Veritas vos liberabit

"Truth shall set you free"

is there a way...

I can engage in personal correspondence with you? I would like to find out more about your school.


I've activated my contact form.

Seamusin, feel free to contact me directly through the contact form from the Daily Paul.

Here's one:

"Educating for a freer future"

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