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NASA Records Largest Explosion On The Moon Ever - VIDEO

NASA Records Largest Explosion On The Moon Ever - VIDEO


Adario Strange | Friday, May 17, 2013 | 3:28 pm EDT

Keeping track of all the large asteroids floating around space with the potential to end all life on Earth is a full-time job. But while the primary motive for keeping a diligent eye on the sky is the preservation of Earth, every now and then we catch a remarkable event on another planetary body.

On March 17, NASA researchers monitoring the Moon recorded its largest meteor impact ever, since monitoring began back in 2005. The asteroid is said to have been about the size of a small boulder and landed in the Mare Imbrium region of the Moon. The explosive impact was so great that it could have been viewed with the naked eye from Earth for just a second.

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Awesome post

This video is amazing. The size of that explosion to me looks MASSIVE. I dont like it when people draw comparisons from explosion to how many tons of tnt represent that explosion. To be honest I have no clue what a ton of tnt exploding looks like..

To me it doesn't look like 4 tons is really that powerful to be seen that bright from space but I dont have much experience understanding explosions. I know the human eye can see a lighter up to 8 miles away in pitch dark. Here is an example of 500 tons of TNT being exploded to simulate an atomic bomb. so 4 tons? hmmm


Harbinger, or

a warning shot, across the bow, - next on the track.

ok..I have a terrible head cold

so not thinking all that well but.. what enables a meteor to flash like that in the absence of air/oxygen? thank you for the education =)

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its the incredible heat generated on impact

its so bright because its so hot. the fragments that are vaporized become 1000s of times hotter then an incandescent lightbulb

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kk ty

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Black-body radiation

The meteor had a lot of kinetic energy. When the moon's surface stopped it, the energy was converted to heat. Once a body reaches thermal equilibrium, it glows. If it is hot enough, you can see the glow, like from an element on an electric stove.

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ty and I'm gonna try and wrap my head around explanations~ O.o

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

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The NASA person looking through the view finder

was just passing gas

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Braggadocious NASA hot air expands faster than Universe!

Have you walked on the Moon yet? You have paid for several tickets. Why don't you go? Now after the Moon dust has settled, here is the Moon. It probably strikes you that it appears much like it did the last time you saw it. It will probably be much the same tonight. The more things stay the same, the more we realize how braggadocious NASA really is.

The Moon survived, even a cow jumped over it. Will NASA?

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Nuke The Moon!

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Ah-nold agrees!


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