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Palestine On This Day

The news from Gaza, folks is atrocious. What does that have to do with Ron Paul? EVERYTHING. This movement has the potential of changing gradually a great deal of suffering in the world. Suffering that has been caused "in our name" by our elected leaders. Pure and simple.

I wandered on an amazing site today while looking for news on Palestine, the current Israeli onslaught and the devastation that exists today, and the reasons for the Bush trip,

This is just one article from the site (do browse it!). It is an incredible indictment of what is happening and why the world is just oblivious to the fact that Israel is pulling off a slow genocide while the US cares not a whit....and even the UN is "afraid" to make any statement. Read:


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Funny how the US picks and chooses went to intervene to "remove dictators" and when to look the other way when suffering of a massive scale like this takes place.

Does the word hypocrisy come to mind?

And all this while Bush is prancing around waving a sword and being serenaded by the puppets and ghouls of the region.

One of my close friends is Palestinian.

This is true. She is now an American Citizen. Still a devout Muslim, but very proud to be an American. She has told me things about Israel and things about her life in Palestine. Her family is still there and she has tried to visit them. It is unbelievable. She is NOT a terrorist and is angry and upset about Islam being used as an "excuse" for violence. One time when she went back to visit her family she endured a nightmare that is unimaginable to most of us. She was a US citizen at the time. She did nothing wrong, but was stopped in the Israeli airport. All she was doing is going thru the customs. She had taken all the precautions. Don't carry much money (even tho her family was in desperate need). She was very open, honest, not confrontational at all. She was taken to an Israeli prison. They refused to tell her why. After several days, they allowed her to contact her family. All of whom (both her husband here in the US AND her family in Palestine) were frantic. No one had a clue where she was or what might have happened to her. She was a US citizen at the time. They refused to allow her to contact the embassy. Finally, after nearly 2 weeks, her father was able to get a Jordanian attorney to help. It was a mess. The things she told me. She feared for her life every minute of every day. Most Palestinians do. When the Israelis tell them to remain in their homes. They aren't allowed out for ANY reason. Then periodically the Israelis will say they have 10 hours or 5 hours or whatever time period to go about and get things done. But often times without warning they will change it and after a couple hours demand everyone return to their homes and actually begin shooting. They have check points everywhere. These people can't travel at all in any reasonable time frame. A five mile drive can take hours. I have NO use for the Israelis. NONE! I do not believe there was a so called Holocaust because ANYone who ever had such a horrendous thing done to them, would never ever do it to anyone else. Israelis are evil evil evil.

Are you suggesting intervention ? ?

I'd be against that.

I believe we shouldn't fund Israel, but at the same time, We shouldn't hamstring them either. What would you do if Mexican gangs were shooting Rockets randomly into San Diego ?

It's a much more complex problem than the article makes out.

No, I don't believe in intervention

Unless you consider crying out in moral outrage an intervention. I believe we must speak out about the human suffering, shine the spot light on them and ask them to cease the murder of innocent Palestinians.

I heard about this today on listener sponsored KPFA in Berkeley

For those of you who don't know, KPFA is the first station of the left wing Pacifica Radio Foundation. The reporter, a woman, was in Palestine and complained about the lack of international coverage and how none of the United States presidential candidates were speaking out against it. I think that I would like to see Ron address this as soon as possible, before more people die. Perhaps he is uninformed, since the mainstream media is not covering it.

During that same broadcast another reporter, doing a story on the use of torture by the United States, stated that none of the presidential candidates had come out against the use of torture. I know this to be false. Dr. Paul has come out strongly against it, calling it unAmerican. This has been typical of KPFA's coverage of the presidential campaign. They did acknowledge that Dennis Kucinich, has spoken out against it.

If I did not know it, I wouldn't know he was running for president. They seem to go out of their way not to mention him. This is typical and absolutely horrifying to me since they promote themselves as an alternative people's media source.

I find it criminal, since they are ignoring the only true antiwar candidate with a mass grassroots movement and a good chance of winning. It makes me wonder who they are really working for. In any event, if Dr. Paul is not elected, innocent blood will be on their hands, just as surely as it is on the mainstream media hacks at Fox, CNN, etc.

The other piece was on Roe vs. Wade and how the right was going to overturn it as soon as they could put another judge on the supreme court. It is clear to me that this issue is the main issue that is used to divide us.
If we are to defeat our common enemy, this issue must somehow be overcome. Otherwise, it is the old game of divide and conquer.

I know that a lot of people on this site don't want to deal with the left, but they are regular people, just like us. (Really! Just a bit confused, as we all were at one time.) In fact, I used to be one of them. I am not one of them now, but I know how they think. They hate the government, but somehow want to give it more power over their lives! Still for me it comes down to unity. United we stand, divided we fall.

Thank You-Palestine

....for responding. I'm answering you to bump the thread in hopes that just a few more read it. To me, it has everything to do with this campaign; however, we have to realize that we are going for a total paradigm shift for some people.

Like Ronuloid says, we need to deal with what is being done in our names. Complex though it may be, we cannot be for Ron Paul and not, at the same time, become more and more aware of the state of the world and the part globalist interests have in this.

good point to remember:..."but they are regular people, just like us...just confused!" These are the very people we need to convert..for the world. Don't over demonize them in your head. They are just like us. Just confused.


They are not the demons

We know who the demons are and it is not the left made up mostly of middle class people and trade unionists. They just want the nanny state. As I said, I understand their thinking.

I really believe that if we are to win, we must begin to bridge the chasm between us. Well known anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has announced that she is running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi in the next election. I heard her last night also, on KPFA. She mentioned that all of the presidential candidates supported the war, except for Dennis. Not true!!! I think she is an honest person, but why is she so uninformed?

I think that the tendency is to just write off the left, dismiss them as a bunch of socialists and leave them to vote for the Democrats. One can argue that we do not have time during this campaign to convert them, but I believe that in the long term, this is a dangerous policy to pursue if we are to take back our country from the global ruling elite.