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The Internet Archive.

You'll find wonderful things surfing the pages of the Internet Archive, an online library of millions of books, films, audio recordings, web pages, and more. You can watch what might be the oldest "cat video" of all time -- an 1894 reel from Thomas Edison's movie studio. You can check out what TheAtlantic.com's homepage looked like in 1996, via the Wayback Machine, which has recorded over 240 billion web pages since it launched that year. You can even listen to the crackling notes of 78 rpm recordings from the 1920s.

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thats freaking awesome, keep

thats freaking awesome, keep it up.

libraries get burned by governments...

@ 3:30

Where do they get their

Where do they get their money(funding) from?


    to answer your question:


    But Kahle isn't motivated by the pursuit of money - he says he already has "plenty of that" from previous ventures, including Alexa Internet, a Web information company that Amazon.com bought for a reported $250 mill in 1999.

How much does the internet weigh?


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Love it! Love it! Love it!

I must confess I really liked that Flag with the earth too

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I used the Wayback machine for the Dailypaul.

This is as far back as I could go;
Michael Nystrom used to call himself manystrom

i hope the idea of this

i hope the idea of this survives the generations, unbiased and unmolested

Wild indeed.

Good find. I've always been fascinated with the internet archive. Good info here.