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They Want News Stories

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I have been posting story ideas on there Facebook page for a long time now, but they dont want to cover them. Stories like:
Fast & Furious and why isnt Holder/Obama in jail
Benghazi and the fact the story leaked Obama was watching it the entire time
Monsanto and the effects on the Farmers..because we have a lot of them here in WNC...Etc..etc..

They dont like my ideas. Anyone here got ideas to send them?

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A thought

I haven't seen what you've sent them or anything, but in my experience (as a writer who writes for himself, not other publications at this point), feedback of any type is received better if it is positive and solution oriented.

On the other hand, news tends to be negative and problem oriented. I would say the key to getting a local news outlet to pick up your story would be to take a national story, and explain how it affects the people locally. Example find a local farmer opposed to GMO & get his/her opinion on Monasto. Now you've got a story because it affects your community!

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