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Who works for whom?

I mentioned the IRS thing to someone who is not very "world affairs aware". I told her of O's statement about hearing of it thru' the news like the rest of us.

I mentioned that he is theoretically at the head of the largest info gathering set up that has every existed (and gave her some examples to give her its order of magnitude) and posed her the following questions.

If there was something brewing which could affect the post of the person in charge of it all, and it is the biggest apparatus of its kind, then would you expect him to know of such a thing before the general public? She answered: "of course!".

Next question: if he did not know about it before the rest of us, would you then consider that that apparatus is working for him? Answer: "of course not!".

I was then quiet, anticipating her question that came 2 seconds later: "well then who are they working for?".

Me: "good question!".

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That is the stuff demanded for Liberty.