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Recent economic data has fallen off a cliff plus 2013 aggregated NFP data - jobs data w/o the hype

Barron's chart of economic indicators (blue line) has been plunging since early April.

Compounded by the recessionary data from the NY & Philly Fed and the 16.5% decline in new housing starts, released in the last 3 days.
All were substantial misses to voodoo economists expectations.

As no one seems to be producing reports of aggregated job numbers from the NFP monthly reports, I thought I would do it.
There is a huge discrepancy between the Establishment (business) survey used in the media headlines and the Household survey.
The Household survey is 480,000 jobs lower than the Establishment survey so far this year.
The detailed job numbers and the reasons for the huge discrepancy are explained in here.

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