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How to fix America's economy and create jobs and prosperity again

Cut over $1.3tn of Corporate Welfare.
Use that money for massive tax cuts for middle earners and below to increase people's disposable incomes and get bottom up spending going again.

Use some of the money for tax cuts for small & medium sized businesses.

The two above will get recruitment going again.
Small and medium sized businesses are the true jobs and wealth creators - not large corporations.

Stop bailing out the big banks to the tune of $1tn a year.
This is increasing the price of things like food & gas, lowering ordinary people's disposable incomes and thus lowering GDP growth.

Break up the Corporate cartels that now operate in each major industry.

Scrap Obamacare, which is the worst possible scheme for expanding healthcare coverage and will cost millions of American jobs and make healthcare even less efficient.
Healthcare premiums are set to rise by between 30 and 100% with the full implementation of Obamacare in 2014 (it varies a lot by State).

Completely reverse the current policy of sending more and more people to college when they increasingly end up in jobs that do not need a college degree or they have no job at all.
It is just loading young people up with debt.

Completely reform the current education system so that people learn how to make a decent living.

America's Current Death Spiral

Corporate profits are at record levels.
So is poverty.
Real wages are at record lows and continue to decline.
This trend needs a dramatic reversal and soon.

Continued at :-

The above are only the first steps.
I would then start work on cutting another $500bn of government waste and cut taxes further with the proceeds, with the emphasis on lower incomes and smaller businesses.

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Currently there is less than 1% of America's population that are somewhat awake to what is happening to America - one or two million people out of an eligible electorate of about 210 million.

Over 98% of voters (that bothered voting) voted for Goldman Sachs in 2012.
Only 1 million people voted for Gary Johnson - plus an unknown number that wrote in Ron Paul - probably a few hundred thousand more.

About 90 million people didn't bother voting.
Either they were apathetic or they couldn't see the point with so little difference between the 2 main parties.

When Ron Paul's policies are explained in terms that people can readily understand you can get 80%+ support.
At least that is my experience on Huffington Post.
My article above aims to do that.

(You can't mention Ron Paul's name because the media have done such a hatchet job on him for 20 years plus.)

Only 4% of Americans fought in the War of Independence.
They WON.
Despite all the odds and the British having far more resources and money than they did.

The purpose of the article above is to outline a strategy to try and turn one or two million people into 12 million or 4% of the population.
(As a first step.)

The most likely outcome (by far) is it won't happen and America will decline into a second rate power - just like the British Empire did 1885 to 1945.

That does not mean we should give up trying to prevent that scenario from happening.
That scenario handovers global hegemony to SE Asia centered on China within a few decades.

It also results in economic carnage in the United States with the loss of the US Dollar as the world's Global Reserve Currency.
China is already working on that, in a coalition of the BRICS.

The decline of the Roman Empire also has many similarities to the coming decline of the American Empire.

History does not often repeat but it often rhymes.
The mistakes of history are oft repeated.
The collapse of the Roman, British, Russian and American Empires.

The future of the next few decades has already been written in 6ft high letters on the wall.
Only a very few people have turned their heads to read it.
The future is bleak unless we do something about it.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."


Please read Bastiat, as long as intrusions in the lives of citizens continue the economy will be bad. Pulling levers at the top will not solve the problem.

-quiet engineer

This is about building a consensus on items that a large number

of people can agree about.

I would of thought that 80%+ of the population could agree with 80%+ of the items listed.
I call that a majority.

It is not about detailing 100% solutions.
I agree that lots of other things need to be done.
That includes reducing the power and size of the Federal government and giving power back to the several states as per the Bill of Rights.

It is about trying to wake people up and get them to listen.
At the moment America is heading in 180 degrees in the wrong direction.
It is about trying to turn the Titanic around from full speed ahead to the iceberg.

If a large number of people can be persuaded to listen and come around more to our point of view, we can then move on to more controversial things that also need to be done.

Dem supporters are attracted to reducing Corporate Welfare, less warmongering and lower levels of military spending.
They are also virulently against the fraudulent behavior of the big banks.
They are supposedly in favor of higher taxes, but when you phrase it as I have done, the vast majority of Dems become supportive of tax cuts for the 99%.
The Dems are also attracted to government taking care of their every whim. So I have steered mostly clear of this more controversial topic for now.
Most of them can see the point made about college education though.
Given time and effort they could actually be persuaded that Student Loans are a bad thing, not a good thing.

GOP supporters are attracted to lower taxes, smaller government and less welfare.
They have been brainwashed into believing the American military is somehow under threat (instead of the government now spending triple what it did during the cold war, inflation adjusted).

GOP supporters can be persuaded with the proposal of massive tax cuts and large scale reductions of government spending.
To a lesser extent they can be persuaded on deficit reduction.

They can be worked on with :-
the numerous examples of Pentagon waste
the horrendous crimes of the big banks
Paul Ryan's budget proposals are just as big government and big deficits as the Dems.

My proposals to deal with the looming demographic timebomb and welfare spending crisis are in a separate link and not in my headlines.
This can be highlighted to GOP supporters - but not Dems.

90% of Independents will probably agree with 90% of the proposals made.
They are the largest demographic (40% Indies, 33% Dems, 27% GOP).
They are also the most open to suggestions and the easiest to persuade (along with the younger generation).
They are already very fed up with the current 2 party, crony capitalist, duopoly system - witness the current circa 10% approval rating of Congress.

Pick the topics with the largest existing consensus first, to build up the number of people that are willing to listen.
Monsanto and specific examples of corporate corruption are both good ones.
Then move on to more difficult topics and persuade.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Thank you for recognizing that wealth should trickle up.

It has been 50 years waiting for the trickle down theory to achieve its goal, and it sure isn't working. So why don't we try the proven theory of the “virtuous circle of growth”.

The Great Compression of 1950 saw the top paid CEO in the USA getting paid 40 times the rate of the average worker in the company. Today the average CEO makes 490 times the average pay of their companies worker, while in some cases it is almost 900 times.

Hedrick Smith wrote a book recently titled "Who Stole the American Dream". Although I don't agree with many of his arguments to correct the situation ( he calls for increased taxes on the wealthy similar to the 90% level earlier in our history ) what he states is documented fact.

Smith points out that the CEO's stopped the virtuous circle of growth, which requires the CEO to be equally concerned about the employee, corporation and stockholders. In the 1970's CEO's quit caring about the employee or corporation and were only concerned with the stockholder. This has resulted in the quagmire we experience today. Of course the CEO's could not have done this without increasing lobbying, getting the Federal government under control with legalized bribery, and stealing workers pensions. Good read, but very depressing.

When there was real and sustainable economic growth

(circa 1950 to 1970) there was a narrowing gap between rich and poor and a thriving and expanding middle class.
There was real wealth creation and a very wide and even distribution of that wealth.

From 1980 to 2007 growth was founded upon massive monetary expansion.
Only the very wealthy did well out of that.

Since 2000 the middle class and the working poor have been perpetually squeezed.

America has been turned from a Constitutional Republic into an Oligarchy run by large Corporations.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Is it better?

Having the power to take all the wealth from all the targeted victims within a geographical area, such as the areas known as these States in this Country called America, is a problem, having all that power concentrated into the hands of a few people known as The FED, or The New World Order, or The Dollar Hegemony, or The Military Industrial Complex, or Wall Street, or Washington, or The United Nations, or whatever False Front is being used to hide the actual people who have this power from all the victims of this power used in the destructive ways that those few criminals use that power they steal.

Long sentence I know.

Is it better to have that power divided into the hands of 13 State Powers, or 50 State Powers, or 51 State Powers, or just that ONE MONOPOLY POWER of those few people who now abuse it?

Take this Topic for example.

If the actual problem is that this Power is abused, and the actual problem is that this power is abused by so few people, these Federal Reserve People, or these New World Order People, or these people in Washington D.C., or these people in Wall Street, where these people have this power to create and spend as much money as everyone else combined, which is a considerably large amount of power with which to abuse power, if that is the real problem, then it seems to me that suggesting to them, what they can, or cannot do, with their power, or suggesting to them, what they should, or should not do, with the power they steal, is not even on the map of solutions that are possible, reasonable, effective, efficient, or anything even close to a good investment of the power that has not been stolen yet.

On the other hand, there is the real possibility that these types of solutions that could work to fix real problems could work on a more voluntary basis, whereby a number of competitive powers, of similar design, could experiment with various ideas, such as these ideas in this Topic, and then implement those ideas, to see if those ideas accomplish the goals intended by those who invest in the accomplishment of those goals, with that power they have acquired.

Instead of one Monopoly Power whose obvious, and accurately measurable goal is Monopoly Power, there could be, instead, 50 odd Powers Volunteering to Join into one Defensive Power against Monopoly Power.

It is not a novel idea, actually, and when it was tried, between 1776 and 1788 it worked the way it was designed to work.

Then the Monopolists took over, and that is a sad story, but it may be an off-topic story.

I do not claim to be the only, single, judge of everything everywhere, and I'm not trying to suggest that the Topic Starter, the OP is someone claiming to be the judge of everything everywhere, what I am saying, is that a Single Monopoly Power that works effectively at being the judge of everything everywhere is the problem.

The Single Monopoly of Power is not the way to solve the Single Monopoly of Power Problem.


The genius of the United States is dying, if not already dead

Competition is always good - it gets the best deal for the end consumer and encourages innovation and improvements.
It matters not whether the item for consumption is a phone or governance.

Monopolistic cartels are always bad (except for the monopolist).
That always turns out to be a very bad deal for the consumer.

The Federal government is now effectively a monopoly power.
The Federal Reserve is a monopoly power for monetary policy.
Both have given a very raw deal to well over 99% of Americans.


30 years ago Americans saw everything as a new opportunity and were rich.
Now they see everything as a threat and are poor.

The government has utterly failed in it's primary duty of upholding the Rule of Law.
According to the Bill of Rights this is the Federal government's ONLY duty.

The several states also agreed when America was founded, that they would co-operate on matters of National Security. Individual states were too small to effectively counter global powers such as Britain.
The government has also utterly failed in it's duty to provide security for it's citizens.


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."