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The USA's future? Look no further then to our sister across the pond.

If Americans want to see the future all they have to do is look towards the UK for the answers to their questions. The UK is having their sovereignty systematically ripped away from them behind closed doors. They are on the edge of giving up total control to the the EU.

The average American, Canadian, and Mexican can learn a lot from the EU and the UK if they cared to.

When people say that the North American Union and the Amero are just conspiracy theories, tell them to talk to a British citizen.

Please watch this video. It's about some kids in the UK that are asking questions that the corporate owned media won't ask there and it eerily reminds me of our struggles here:


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Say NO! to North American Union

This is the most urgent issue facing America, and surprisingly few seem aware of it. RP supporters need to get vocal against North American Union FAST!

It is and nobody seems to

It is and nobody seems to care. It's lonely out there if you care about the USA....