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Why the Intelligentcia Pay No Price for Being Wrong

Thomas Sowell on Why the Intelligentsia Pay No Price for Being Wrong


S: Well, if you come up with a lot of wrong ideas and pay a price for it, you’re forced to think about it and to change your ways or else get eliminated. But there is no such test. The only test for most intellectuals is whether other intellectuals go along with them. And if they all have a wrong idea, then it becomes invincible.
R: Tom, you’re coming pretty close to saying that intellectuals aren’t very smart.
S: [Laughs.] They are very smart in very limited areas. And they don’t realize [it]. That’s the problem.


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the reason the intelegencias

the reason the intelegencias dont pay for wrong doing, is because people are not allowed to know, who, what, why and where......people should not have to ask their representatives what they are doing in their name.....

unless you are purposefully trying to lose the trust of your constituents, in that case......GOOD job, fellas, good job |two.thumbs.up|