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I support Adam Kokesh and everyone Marching ARMED on D.C. on July 4th because he has HUGE Cajones!

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I support Adam as a bro but us doing armed march in Arizona?

OK we do that all the time. Nobody is gonna lift an eyebrow to an armed march in Phoenix. Big deal. We're armed citizens and this is a constitutional carry state.

As far as demanding our state governor make immediate plans to withdraw from the union? Heck, Arizona mentality is such that we're not convinced we belong to a union anyways. Everything here happens by Arizona rules.

Bottom line is protesting and demonstrating is an export. We don't do too much of it here. In Northern Arizona our emphasis is DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING, WE LIKE IT JUST FINE THE WAY IT IS. And protesting is no excuse for being impolite.

We are still a polite society. Except for Phoenix. And Northern Arizona doesn't even recognize the lower half of the state as being Arizonans.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

congrats on the wejght loss

...but do not lose any cojones with it!

Ron Paul ... forever.

I support him too. However he

I support him too. However he needs to choose his battles more carefully. At least he is taking action. However bullies don't quit till you beat their ass and humiliate them. Government bullies are not going to roll over for any peaceful protest. Have they ever?

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I think with enough people

they will let them march!





how can you guys overlook

the fact that the Veterans March for RP at the RNC just fell apart and dissapeared? Don't you find that a bit odd?


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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I totally agree with you

I was inside the convention (as a RP delegate), and was one of the main authors and organizers of the "Grassroots" press release and press conference. I was expecting/depending on a show of strength from outside the convention - despite how much we were cheated.

We (inside the convention) never EVER gave up. Instead, we stepped up our work (many lost hours of sleep) to fight back anyway we could, and I personally was extremely disappointed about what happened to the March in Tampa. (I was literally chased through my hotel parking lot by my state GOP chairman and his thugs before the press conf.)

Lastly, while I was disappointed by the lack of a march by Adam, I was not surprised. By that time Adam had already thrown RP under the BUS and publicly endorsed Gary J. By giving up on Ron Paul (and not fighting to the end) I saw what I thought (and still think) is AK's true colors.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

thank you robot 999

.. for your great work.

It was one of RP greatest days of triumph - no matter how it went on the surface in the end. We know our real strength. Our real value.

I got tears in my eyes now that you have recalled the memories of that day. It is important that more people know about it.

And also good to know where K stands.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Thank you so much, robot999

As a watching supporter from 1000 miles away, I couldn't have been more proud of the RP delegates who stuck through to the end.

I hate to say it

but the RP2012 Campaign was largely defeated by the time of Convention: vote fraud (ie. Iowa), dwindling funds and loss of leadership.

However, the Veterans March for RP in DC as organized by Mr. Kokesh was awesome

Otherwise I understand why Kokesh is doing this, but still think it is very dangerous: what if a provocateur actually fires on law enforcement?
'Libertarians really are terrorists, citizens shouldn't have guns, the Patriot Act is justified, martial law, and a bloody mess in one fell swoop'

Too many costs for too few benefits IMO, but I wish them the best

Kokesh seems to choose

events and moments that lack clarity. Does he perhaps not think things all the way through? The campaign had to distance itself from him, because Kokesh inadvertently put them in an uncomfortable legal position, while trying to help them. (Regarding gifts?)

He made a protest out of dancing at a monument. Was this a cause to fight for? We demand the right to behave inappropriately in solemn environments? Ok, it shouldn't be illegal, but...is it flaky?

My question to the OP: Is having cojones a sound reason for supporting civil disobedience?

If they're armed, is it civil disobedience? It's breaking the law regarding firearms, but that means, they're armed. That's confusing. How should D.C. law enforcement respond? Allow them to break the law, because they're armed? The opposite? Because they're veterans? Because they have cojones? Because the cops will know(?) that the Constitution protects the marchers, and the D.C. law on the books is un-constitutional?

The negative outcome doesn't rest solely on the marchers, which is why Ghandi and Martin Luther King were extraordinary. If it goes south, the marchers threaten civil order, not their own suffering. It could also damage the bulwark of 2nd amendment support, which has held in the Congress.

King and Ghandi were able to put themselves in the position of their opponents, and stage events which required a moral choice, using their own suffering as collateral.

If Adam's judgement is not perceived to be larger than his cojones, it will be easy to dismiss him as a punk, or a crazed veteran, instead of a freedom fighter, should any of the marchers return fire.

I think that Adam Kokesh has not thought this through.

Are legal remedies exhausted? The Sheriff's lawsuit in Colorado is something to watch. The laws are so ridiculous, there's no reason the 2nd amendment will not continue to be upheld in the courts.

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Thanks Shrader

very well said. Q: What if AK has really thought this through, what does that say in your opinion?

Also, while I'm saddened and very angry with the "actions" here in CO by the traitors in the State Gov., I'm thrilled by the true cojones of these superb Sheriffs! I had the chance to meet most of them recently when I went to the State House (and Senate) meetings to show support for our gun rights. There Sheriffs were there, in uniform, standing up for the 2nd Amendment. I spoke to several of them, and boy was I impressed. In fact, a couple of them have come to address our state OathKeepers meetings here in CO.

BTW, I was thrown out of the House chamber because I was told that my OathKeepers Shirt was too "political". I was quick to point out that all of the House members took the oath that is on the back of my shirt - even though they don't keep their oaths.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Q: What if AK has really thought this through,

what does that say in your opinion?

That he's looking for a fight?

With the current scandals, it's like an enormous beast is threatened and wounded, and committed in every direction. The sheriffs are providing a way out for the aggressors by filing a lawsuit. If the legal framework throws out the law, there's no armed confrontation. They also have legal standing. That's what makes this a great country: many, many layers of redress. That chinese kid, that stood down the tank in Tiananmen Square, that was spontaneous, and brief, and timely (and anonymous!). The planned march seems like publicly poking the beast in the eye with a stick. That may not be a good idea.

Now I'm reading he's in custody, and people can't find out where he is? I sure hope he's ok.

That would be one of my

That would be one of my grievances

Judging a people by one mans actions.....this in my opinion is a mindset that need shattering.......its a mindset that gives governments their ability to start a war with all the people of a nation, good or bad, involved or not, on the basis of "one mans actions"

edit: im not implying yourself, just to be clear, those who chant USA USA USA, and dont understand why they are chanting

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"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

thankyou for that bit of

thankyou for that bit of knowledge, it is the first time im reading of what has been eluded to that kokesh did, not that i can form an opinion on, as of yet, the little i still know.....but unless its something major, like adams ability to pay for thousands of people to a fake protest, i still think i will be cheering on......god knows they'll be PLENTY of people against them already, speaking for myself, and not an accusation here my friend.....i dont want to be doing the very same thing those mindsets we are up against will no doubt be doing, in that regard, i will support a peacable protest.....knowing full well theres no guarantee of one, and or, the other 50/50......what justifies those odds, thinking on whether the american revolution was a sure thing or not, something needs a'changing, let us hope that a gathering is enough for a real honest change

edit: IF that gathering happens

Free Adam Kokesh NOW!!

Thanks for posting.

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I can get on board with!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

time to STOP AJ & AK worship, and talk real TRUTH...

...Republic Broadcasting Network has been on a tear since the Boston bombing, this forum has been divided and the DP veterans have been warring with pro-AJ and AK trolls... .

It's time to GROW UP.... I think this comment captured in the YouTube clip linked in the picture below is accurate ... and a march in Washington won't chang squat-poop!


If the psycho-atheist-celebrity itching for bloodshed wants to accomplish SOMETHING of SUBSTANCE at his march, he will cross the bridge and hand an indictment to the D.C. Police and say "on behalf of the American people, yourselves included; let's go take these people into custody together!" .... For VIOLATING our own laws, by financing the overthrow of a democratically elected
government in a sovereign state!!!

Syria had elections in May of last year, Assad was elected.....none of our business....this government/Pentagon/whoever is out of line, clearly!

It's sad this forum is so heavily promoting every move this attention whore make, for this publicity stunt distraction led by a psycho-atheist! You don't run up to the devil and do hand to hand combat!

Get me a LAW EXPERT, and draw up the INDICTMENT; forget this Kardashian drama with Kokesh....if he wants negative attention and expensive lawful consequences, then let him have it!!!

There's MORE knowledge, and less AJ sensationalism over at RBN; and they need our support!


Support John Stadtmiller's BOLD efforts....not this inch-deep, mile-wide emotionalism!


another massively downvoted

another massively downvoted comment from P.U.G. No surprise here.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

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I need to be better plugged into

RBN. I know they've stepped up their game and love their work. Thanks for providing the links and the wisdom. I would (attempt to) balance a couple of your points though. I think that everyone has a part to play in the r3VOLution. AJ, Rand, Lew, the Judge, Gary F., Nystrom, Amash, Lee, and the list goes on and on.

We need to be smart and VETT those who are stepping up in leadership roles in our movement. We all (or most of us) saw what happened with the "Tea Party". It was started by brave Ron Paul supporters and now its run by neo-con RINOs. Maybe AK is a true patriot, maybe not, I don't know. But what I do know is what you pointed out (based on my military experience): "you don't run up to the devil and do hand to hand combat", because you'll lose, and more than likely your good intentions will be used to advance the opposition.

What I recommend is that we VETT these "leaders" by comparing them to Ron Paul. That's it.

I will say one more thing here: What I find very disturbing about this post and many of the comments is the attitude that one has "big balls" and is a "Patriot" if they SUPPORT the march. Funny, I actually think that many of the posters here possibly including the OP (I've not read a comment from him), have shown cowardice. "I'm an Oath keeper, but not a member of the OathKeepers", "I wish I could be there", "I can't afford to go", "I don't want to go to jail", "I support the veterans", "I'll pray for you"... REALLY? IF YOU BELIEVE in this so much, show some BALLS and say you'll be there!!! A true coward is ever so willing to yell charge TO the front-line soldiers - FROM the rear lines (or sidelines). This event - as I understand it - does NOT require you to be a veteran. YOu can be armed with a camera, so say your GOING or STHU.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

there is nothing whatsover

there is nothing whatsover stopping you guys doing what you want to do, i dont disagree with the youtube comment, infact i think it is an initiative that i would wholeheartedly welcome, you dont have to be armed, although i would recommend a camera......and that is not sarcasm, i really wished that everyone from every corner would see this opportunity to bring their own grievances, and their own peacable solutions, if adam, as the person organizing and dispensing the information, not as a "god", were to ask everyone to stand side by side, open mic, and equal time to voice their grievance, hand over papers.....
would that be something you can get behind......fair enough if you dont

No offense intended here but...

"YOu can be armed with a camera, so say your GOING or STHU."

Wouldn't that also apply to you? By your logic, if you support the march but can't go you should "STHU" but if you are against, and aren't going, you can run your mouth all you want? That logic seems flawed, sir.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

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I'm not going

I think a stupid idea for the r3VOLution. If you read my other posts you'd probably know that already. You'd also know that I marched with Adam in D.C. in a PEACEFUL (non violence-provoking) march, and if I felt strongly enough about the VALUE and strategy of another march, I would, but this is not IMO.

My point in my posts is calling our people who are so very willing to "support" the march by being armchair quarterbacks, but NO ONE on this thread (including the OP) indicated they would actually be there (camera or gun).

No offense to you, but maybe you should read before calling me out... sir

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

So, ignore it then?Or if

So, ignore it then?

Or if you have a certain opinion, and are not in attendance, shutup?

I think too many people underestimate the importance of an informed public, lets shutup and reduce the exposure, because not everyone agrees, just like the two party system

edit:sorry, sorry, this really pushing my button, by all means respite, but i regretted the comment as soon as i took a breath after posting......i dont like what i write when im worked up, even if its just a little worked up

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Who said ignore it?

You want to put words in my mouth and take my comments out of context.
I've observed on this post that no one here has yet said they will SUPPORT the march by actually BEING THERE. Are you going?

This post's tone is basically calling people pussies if they don't "support" the march, but even the OP fails to mention what his "support" is all about except that he wears a T-Shirt.

I have a very low tolerance for arm-chair cheerleaders who "support" dangerous and potentially life-threatning actions like this, without putting some skin in the game themselves.

You'd never see me post such harsh comments if we were discussing a post about supporting a non-violent provoking activity. This is different, and my purpose in this thread is to do what you recommend: Inform.

Finally, I am man enough to apologize for the shut up comment. I'm sorry to all here for that comment.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

my friend, i certainly did

my friend, i certainly did not intend to do so, apologies if you took it that way

but if you imply that "armchair cheerleaders" should only have an opinion on the matter, only if they attend, then what else would you be saying, other then for those who have an opinion, in this case positive, to ignore it, do you understand where im coming from......i have an opinion, in the positive, but i might aswell ignore it, because im just an arm chair cheerleader......that is your term, something i best not comment on for the sake of peace

edit: i dont cheer this on because i believe that it will encourage it, i cheer it on because i think regardless of how i feel about it, it will happen, or very possibly happen, regardless of my input, if i believe whatever i do, this march will go on, then i will wish them luck, safety, and cheer the cause

you seem like a good man, and i hate argueing with good men, unless its in good spirit :)....ill concede this debate for now, if i have the will to control myself i.e. staying away from this thread

edit: rereading my post, it was a bit harsh, im sorry, i can only plead frustration, but that is no excuse, although i stand by my points, i should type under a calmer mind, and express them in the same way, im sorry for my choice of words, its not something i like seing others do, its certainly not something i like to see myself doing....there are many ways of saying the same thing, i apologise for these ones in frustration....to the situation, not on the personal level

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With Love my brother

we're on the same side. I hope to meet you some time, I'll buy you an adult beverage : )

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

:) regards, humbly


regards, humbly recieved, although im more of a pina colada kinda guy.......i kid :)

go in peace brother