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The Interim Phase of Quantum Computers in the 4th and 5th Dimension

by Geogri Stankov, May 17, 2013

Below is a very interesting article /message on the role of quantum computers in the 4th and 5th dimension during the initial adaptation phase of humanity after ascension. For the balanced earth A/B this kind of technology will be the state-of -the-art for many centuries to come. On the ascended earth A the quantum computers will be used to bridge the time till full awakening of the ascended masses and the full recovery of their ability to create from the fulcrum of their souls.

Hence the interim technology of quantum computers will be implemented on both earth timelines immediately after the ID split to enhance the soul technology of direct soul creation.

None of this will be needed by the PAT after we detonate the Supernova and ascend to the source. We will immediately acquire our creation potential of Elohim. But this channeling below gives us some exciting glimpses into what our educational work will be with the ascended humans in the initial phase of adaptation after the first wave of ascension takes place this or next month.

read more http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/05/interim-phase-qua...

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This reminds me -

This reminds me of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons - I think a more apt title could have been, "A Third of the Earth Will Be Burned, OR Where Ever the Body Is, That Is Where the Eagles Will Gather."

If you haven't already ascended you have missed the point entirely. We are all Elohim from birth. There is no crude human technology beyond the physical Tipareth, at the Source of all Light. What we have really reached, it seems, it an extraordinary level of theosophical bending.