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We Must be Indeed on the Cusp of Consciousness Singularity = Ascension

By Georgi Stankov, May 17, 2013

After I published the dragon’s article on quantum computers and the coming singularity / leap in human consciousness upon ascension, I bumped into the latest article from Juliano (the group of forty) which addresses this same issue with the same intention. We are used to all kinds of synchronicities since long time, but even I was surprised as to how precisely such external higher sources are now coordinating their information policy in order to prepare humanity for the impending ascension which will be in the first place a singularity in human consciousness – an unlimited expansion of the cognitive, telepathic and processing capacity of the new crystalline mind, which will merge with All-That-Is and will thus transform humanity to a completely new sentient species.

Although this is cogent from all previous discussions among lightworkers and on this website, my impression is that the New Age movement has not yet grasped intellectually the incredible revolution which humanity can enter virtually any moment from now as soon as the PAT detonates the Supernova and triggers the ID split and first ascension wave.

Therefore enjoy this latest message from Juliano as it has become a tradition for this website to publish the monthly channelings from this source that follow a consistent line of higher information.

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Whether you follow this sorta

Whether you follow this sorta of topic or not, singularity will certainly be coming in the next century in all likelyhood.

The one thing we must be weary about is AI though. Its not just going by scifi stuff that they will turn evil or anything. However, there are plenty of chances that an AI could be "fouled" up by people who want to use them for things like war. There is also the matter that humans have been killing each other for a long time and its only logical that some human will end up trying to kill an AI. The question is, would an AI that came to this conclusion see all humans as an enemy?
Eitherway, once we get to the point where man and machine really start merging, we will likely be past the point where we would have to worry about such a thing happening.(the robots taking over to put it in the classic amusing way)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Its not called the 'hard'

Its not called the 'hard' problem of consciousness for nothing.

Our brain along with the central nervous system is basically a neural network.

It is not yet known for certain where consciousness and self awareness come from. It is possible that they are simply a byproduct of the complex feedback systems that make up our brain. A friend of mine who is a genius in every sense of the word is working on AI and this is the opinion he currently holds.

It is not entirely implausible that once artificial neural networks become sufficiently complex, consciousness and ego may spontaneously arise.

The only thing is that ANNs are usually designed to working out specific problems. Human beings evolved in a more random manner, based on selection pressures of survival and reproduction and the processes that led to the emergence of our consciousness may never arise ina digital environment.

Yes, I agree with you here.

Yes, I agree with you here. My point was more for specifically making an AI.

Anyway, yes, what he thinks might very well be the case. In regards to complexity, I have come to the conclusion myself that you absolutly need complex networks in order to have intelligence. There is not a single process that goes on that somehow grants sentience. So I do agree with your friend that its likely the aggregate processes that cause this. I will say that they very likely have to be cooridinated in some way though and that having a network with random tasks happening that are unrelated to each other likely wouldnt see this develop; unless spontaneous process started arising.
I honestly dont think we will see a true AI appear until network complexity reaches a certain level.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.