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Adam Kokesh Arrested, I think Video shows Cops planting something on him

Adam Kokesh, liberarian icon and host of the Adam vs. The Man podcast that was formerly carried by Russia Today, was arrested by National Park Service law enforcement officers in Philadelphia on Saturday. Kokesh was arrested while delivering a speech in the Independence National Historical Park’s Free Speech Zone for a monthly “smoke-out” gathering in which participants advocate for marijuana legalization. Videos taken by participants show that Kokesh did not smoke marijuana and did not resist arrest. Kokesh was reportedly taken to the Philadelphia Police Department’s ninth precinct, but later transferred to a federal prison where he is awaiting a Monday arraignment on presently unspecified charges. Kokesh achieved recent notoriety for organizing an event to take place on July 4th, 2013 in which pro-Second Amendment supporters were to engage in civil disobedience by peacefully marching in Washington, D.C. with rifles.

The event’s attendees totaled approximately fifty persons while federal and local LEO’s were at least sixty. Kokesh's transfer to a federal cage should suggest that charges will be brought against him for assaulting an LEO. That would carry a potential sentence of eight years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine. Kokesh was clearly targeted for arrest prior to the event and he is a political prisoner.


In this second video, a federal officer can be seen planting something on Kokesh --
http://youtu.be/GwALyVUNYa8 Can anyone ID the man wearing the dark green or black t-shirt with whom the cops grappled while seizing Kokesh? He's the distraction. Can anyone ID the cop in the white shirt? He did the planting. Out them now, please. This thuggery is inexcusable.

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Let me ask you

If view counts were being suppressed, which seems to be what you're suggesting, then why not 'suppress' the comments and/or likes, too?

Also, why does it (the number of views not going past 300~ for x amount of time) happen with all uploaded videos? What exactly would the point in that (suppressing the view count of all videos, regardless of content) be?

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I can, because it's a nontrivial process


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That makes sense; apologies for spreading that meme. Downvoted myself.

Edit: oops, I up-voted this comment by accident. I don't want to downvote it, but I don't see a way to take off the up-vote.

Jon, would you consider the above a bug report? Is it possible to make the up/down arrows be toggles instead of one-way switches?

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Plainclothed Citizen Pervert Cops A Feel Of Media Personality'

...the real story here...

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Here's a theory... Maybe the cops didn't charge him with

possession, because they knew they were busted planting it.

I call victory for phone cameras.

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I'm not sure if

the guy was successful planting it. Adam's coat was sort of in the way. The cops also let they guy in the black shirt go briefly, but then later you see him being lead behind Adam again. Perhaps for a second attempt? Someone said that this was one of Adam's people just trying to grab his belt out of solidarity, but I haven't seen anything to substantiate this and I suspect otherwise based on the video.

Adam Vs. The Man's two producers are on the Alex Jones Show

now: they confirmed that Adam's being holed up in a Federal blacksite, and they're clarifying the fact that nothing has been planted on Adam; they're saying that it was someone reaching for his belt, not planting something on him.

the producers are back in VA today, but will be en route back to Philly tomorrow, to re-organize, and get supporters together to demand his release and take care of bail.

Alex will have them on again, for a full hour either on Monday or whenever they become available for interview.

Repeat: EVEN IF under the current, fraudulent legal doctrine, even 'Fed. police' would nominally arrest and detain 'suspects' to be held at, and/or handed over to local Philly PD or county jail, NOT "NDAA" them into a blacksite.

Adam's producers are claiming that in previous rallies, there were NEVER this many Feds, but this time, they had a stack of papers; they're assuming it's a "BOLO" (be on the look out)-list with photos of Adam and a few others.

I thought I did see a video of Adam smoking up (not that there's anything wrong with it; if he wore the same sport jacket in a previous one, guess it could be from past events), but the producers are adamant that he DID NOT smoke up. Adam literally did NOTHING other than hold a microphone and be the keynote speaker.

Now, Adam is officially a political prisoner in Amerika N. Korea/Stalinist Russia/Mao's China.

As I'm typing this now, the Alex Jones Show just ended, but it goes into repeat cycle; you can check out Alex interviewing Adam's producers in the 2nd half of his 2hr Sunday show, here: http://www.infowars.com/listen

Predictions in due Time...

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The charges are known already?

And the producers are both able to confirm it? No additional charges may be added? Charged with resisting or not? All this but whereabouts unknown?

(oops looks like this happened yesterday so sure the charges would be known by now)

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who said anything about "charging"??


these are govt scums; the Feds blackbagged Adam into one of their NDAA blacksites. like with all govt copthugs, they'll tack on whatever F'ng 'charge' they want; ruining our lives, is just games to them.

the producers are saying that they told them that for now, it's "Resisting Arrest."

we'll know more, tomorrow.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Just listening to the rebroadcast...

I'll switch over to the video you posted. 'Resisting' is automatic. One time I was arrested protesting a crooked church I heard one officer say to another, as I sat in the back of the car, "I got him with resisting, too." Cop 2: "Nice."

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Thanks for the update.

Glad nothing was planted. But the rest is still creepy...being whisked away to federal blacksite and no stated reason for the arrest.

Dude that works with Adam and the man is on Alex Jones now

he said the guy DID NOT put anything on Adam. Adam was not charged with possession of anything...they don't know what he was charged with.

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Good find. I wonder whatt is tucked in his right-hand waist?

Here is a view of it from the back


In this case I can't see him planting anything

Good rescue



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hey hey hey, goodbye

a chant worthy of any protest when the people depart and say goodbye

i might like seing things done more civily if given the choice, but i gotta respect the spirit of it

Makes sense to use a plain-clothed offcer undercover to plant

If anyone caught the act on film PA could still use plausible deniability so it is not traced back.


we find out the guy is a cop.

The plain-clothed officer

The plain-clothed officer who tried (succeeded?) to plant something in kokesh's back-pocket was probably only "arrested" as a plant. Five bucks they share the same cell over the weekend, giving the mole exuberant time to befriend kokesh in an attempt to give law enforcement something to really charge him wth.

Very easy to gain adam's trust in this manner.

After learning this was don dezarns arm

Then I agree with Brian Middleton, below. There is no evidence planting going on. Only an unfortunate flailing of the arms.
Nothing to see here.

At least they can't charge him with resisting...

Resisting arrest consists of relaxing all your muscles, having your arm twisted behind your back, legs swept out from under you, wrestled to the grass, head moved over to the pavement, face scratched, glasses broken, gravel found in hair next morning.

None of that happened so I don't see a resisting charge. :)

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to meekly accept arrest, is

to meekly accept arrest, is the correct way to accept arrest, so they would have us think.....no distinction between lawfull and unlawfull arrest....one size fits all mentality, because the alternative is more complicated, the constitution makes their work harder, dare i say, by design, depending whether it is followed or not, or perhaps they suffer from their own meekly acceptance to what they are told....im gonna go with a little bit of both, hell, there can be many reasons, its a crapshoot, if there ever was one.....i guess the short of it is, its just not right

I watched this video 5 times

I watched this video 5 times and I just don't see any cop planting anything. I see the hands of another guy being arrested touching Adam in the scuffle.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

You might be right that it's not the person in the light shirt..

...planting anything, because the person in the light shirt has a gold watch on and you can see their hand on Adam's upper left arm from 36sec, and it REMAINS up there thru around 47sec when the person in dark shirt had already pulled their groping hand back seconds before from the bottom of Adams jacket.

At 36sec, you can see the hands from BOTH people on Adam (the hand of the person in the light shirt grasping Adam's upper arm AND the hand from the guy in the dark shirt trying to reach underneath Adam's jacket). But Mr. Hands in the dark shirt pulled away from messing around under Adam's jacket at around 43sec, and the hand of the person in the light shirt was still on Adam's upper arm for a few seconds.

So it looks like you're right that the cop in the light shirt wasn't the one planting or messing around underneath Adam's jacket.

The OP alludes that the green shirt guy is undercover fed

Admittingly they should change the description of this thread until it is revealed who the guy is.

i concur, although i have

i concur, although i have suspicions, i dont see deffinitive proof here......now if they charge him with drug possession, or, A, possesion, then i think ill be reviewing that video again, and hopefully others, with a lot more scrutiny, but as it stands now, in my semi scrutinisation of the video, i cant in good conciense say for certain, that, that was a plant

i want to hear the first hand experience from kokesh aswell


Arm stretched. Lifting up his blazer, hand in a fist, fingers searching.


That's what my arm does too when I'm in the midst of being detained.

In the first video it is even more obvious. After kokesh is pulled away, the mole's arm retracts after the attempt. What isn't clear to me is weather or not he succeeded.

His hand and arm is being

His hand and arm is being roughed up by the cop. You are seeing what you wanna see. It is just not there.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Or you are.