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Adam Kokesh Arrested, I think Video shows Cops planting something on him

Adam Kokesh, liberarian icon and host of the Adam vs. The Man podcast that was formerly carried by Russia Today, was arrested by National Park Service law enforcement officers in Philadelphia on Saturday. Kokesh was arrested while delivering a speech in the Independence National Historical Park’s Free Speech Zone for a monthly “smoke-out” gathering in which participants advocate for marijuana legalization. Videos taken by participants show that Kokesh did not smoke marijuana and did not resist arrest. Kokesh was reportedly taken to the Philadelphia Police Department’s ninth precinct, but later transferred to a federal prison where he is awaiting a Monday arraignment on presently unspecified charges. Kokesh achieved recent notoriety for organizing an event to take place on July 4th, 2013 in which pro-Second Amendment supporters were to engage in civil disobedience by peacefully marching in Washington, D.C. with rifles.

The event’s attendees totaled approximately fifty persons while federal and local LEO’s were at least sixty. Kokesh's transfer to a federal cage should suggest that charges will be brought against him for assaulting an LEO. That would carry a potential sentence of eight years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine. Kokesh was clearly targeted for arrest prior to the event and he is a political prisoner.


In this second video, a federal officer can be seen planting something on Kokesh --
http://youtu.be/GwALyVUNYa8 Can anyone ID the man wearing the dark green or black t-shirt with whom the cops grappled while seizing Kokesh? He's the distraction. Can anyone ID the cop in the white shirt? He did the planting. Out them now, please. This thuggery is inexcusable.

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The cops/FBI were arresting the guy RIGHT NEXT to

Adam Kokesh. That much is OBVIOUS, as they grabbed ahold of that man, plus Adam.

Then, JUST AS SOON AS HE PUT HIS HAND in Adams pants or pocket, he let go, and the police THEN LET THAT GUY GO FREE.

This is clearly a set-up.

Adam needs a GOOD ATTORNEY...to prove this. Whatever that guy put in Adam's pocket/pants has FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT.

Whoever the guy who was videoing from the backside needs to upload his video pronto!

wait, i just remembered seing

wait, i just remembered seing the more recent video, where the actual arrest was caught, not obstructed by the crowd, i made the case that, adam had asked everyone to gather round close together, and i had previously said, for impartialities sake, that everyone may have taken that litterally, and crowded together implying they may have held on to one another, although i dont discount that possibility as an explanation, the recent video certainly didnt have kokesh dragged out of that crowd with the black shirt dude in tow......okay, as i said, i cant in good conciense say definitively, that i saw a plant, but that does not mean im not still suspicious of it

Edit:after viewing the other video with more scrutiny, it appears the black shirt dude was infact dragged out at the same time as kokesh, he appears to be the one lighting up on the left just before they drag kokesh away

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like he was trying to get to his back pocket one way or the other.

It'll be interesting to see if there are possession charges, and what they will consist of.

There definitely looked to be some undercover officers that seemed to vacate along with the uniformed ones.



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Is highly corrupt. The police are real mean and yes they do plant.

I found something interesting:

In the second video, we see what looks to be a fellow in black shirt slipping something in behind Adam's back.
Well, while watching this video:


Brought to us by DPer Darrenlobo in his post:


I noticed this same fellow in what appears as a nice little chat with a costume after the arrest. Starting at 5:42

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

thanks for the youtube link

thanks for the youtube link showing the arrest, i dont see kokesh smoking anything, even if he were, it looks like another unjust arrest, i'd dare say he was purposefully singled out because of recent events, IF, that is true, then he is a political prisoner in my mind, regardless of the ammount of time he spends kidnapped

good catch!

good catch!

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Isn't the dark green shirt

Isn't the dark green shirt guy the other person arrested? He was taken with Kokesh if you watch the full video.

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No, the dark green shirt guy was not arrested

You can see that they let him go. Either he had a role with the LEO's to be a distraction for whatever the LEO planted on Kokesh, or he was merely in the way. Not sure which one.

Actually in the full video

Actually in the full video you can see another officer escort/push him behind Adam. They do not let him go.

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Why did they let him go briefly and

not man-handle him like Kokesh.

I suspect he was part of this based on the video,

and I'd like to see some of Adam's people say otherwise.

the_chiefe71 posted 2 videos of the guy.

He was one of the people speaking at the protest and he gives an interview below. He seems legitimate to me despite the video.


ohh boy

they have opened pandora's box.

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

posted on Twitter

adding Political Prisoner to the headline.

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For what it's worth

You could argue that the guy in the black t-shirt with the leather watch band had something palmed in his left hand, thumbed it down to his fingers, passed it to the guy in the white shirt, who then reached around and thumbed it into the back of kokesh's pants. But of course that would be a conspiracy theory, no.

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Well, not a lot.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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if i were a paranoid man,

if i were a paranoid man, i'd say the federal government has a pick pocket under their employee, or time off for good behaviour

Also, there are two guys, wearing civilian clothes in one of the videos, standing the typical, hands across the crotch, walking away, maybe because the camera focused on them, maybe not, unharrased towards the direction the authoraties were leading their "Americas number 1,2,3....criminals".....it was short, so could be nothing....definatly not substatial, could be inocent civilians, but suspicious still

Kokesh is our Mario Savio and

Kokesh is our Mario Savio and our Abbie Hoffman. But instead of being a campus leader he is national, instead of being a SNCC member he is a veteran. God bless Adam.

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I agree.

God bless him. Adam was the guy that first turned me on to the ideas of Ron Paul. I am forever grateful to him for that.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

the second video, appears to

the second video, appears to be the other persons hand, the other guy being held by the costumes, it is still suspicious none the less, the whole clip......the way it seems the costumes gather together and the way they seem to all break from a huddle at the same time......and why did that "detained" guy have his hand there in the first place

for impartialities sake The

for impartialities sake

The second guy could just be showing support for adam, when adam says to gather around close together, perhaps this guy taken with kokesh for doing, and continuing to do that.......in normal speed, the officer who grabs kokesh seems to forcefully push aside the hand of the dude in the black shirt

anybody good

with photo software?
at 30s whatever is in the guys hand is as visible as it's going to get.

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Great catch whoever spotted that.

It sure does look like that person was trying to plant something on Adam going out of their way to reach under his jacket. Suspicious to say the least, including the bit with the guy in the dark shirt.

It'd be interesting to know who that person in the dark shirt is.

Digital Voice Analysis

Also, if anyone can do a digital voice analysis of the person who answered the phone in the call to the police (below link), please do so. We can get voice recordings later from a number of cops and find a match. Media would love this and it would become a scandal. The Mayor would have to fire this person.


Sounds like one guy doing 2

Sounds like one guy doing 2 voices.