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If US Gov't is funding these terrorists in Syria...DAMN! (Warning: Graphic Video)

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I am not a believer in Heaven and Hell...

per se or as the Bible illustrates, but anyone who can commit such acts without any emotion or hesitation is dead already and they are creating Hell from within themselves.

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Is there any context for this

Is there any context for this post. Can this be verified in any way? What is the source? Are these confirmed US supported rebels perpetrating ? What is the date and location of the murders? Who were the victims? Does anyone have anymore on this confirmed?

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Russian Fleet arrives in Med. port of make safe for...

Roll out the barrel. We'll have a barrel of fun! Our glee club is here. We have brought our own party. We will control the fun.

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how long before this happens in amerika...

with the dhs and their "billions" of bullets?

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This is cowardly murder....

it will create never ending retaliation. Those who would commit this kind of senseless murder in the USSA should be prepared to suffer the same.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

they wouldn't support the overthrow...

...of themselves!

Al Queada is already seated in power in the White House....duh!

You didn't get the sheeple

You didn't get the sheeple memo? It can NEVER happen here!!!!

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