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Mall Cop Goes Berserk Trying to Prevent Photos Being Taken of Accident

A security guard for an Ohio shopping mall [Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville] made a complete fool of herself as she tried to prevent people from taking photos of a truck that ended up in a ravine on mall property.

Officer Adams, as she describes herself in the above video, first threatened to confiscate cameras, then ordered people to delete their photos and finally ended up pushing a woman who immediately fought back.

The two women ended up punching and kicking each other on the street as onlookers calmly observed, including one who video recorded the debacle.



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private property owners

who invite the public onto their property with no contractual agreement at the entry point, can only POLITELY and PATIENTLY ask people to leave.

if there's some sort of crisis, if the crisis is severe enough, drastic measures might be taken to evacuate people.

a car in a ditch isn't even in the same universe as a critical crisis.

aggressive physical response to the public that you invited, is a quick trip to lawsuit city.

private property. you should try it some time. you'll learn.

What World Do You Live In?

"can only POLITELY and PATIENTLY ask people to leave"

That is completely false!!

Property Owners or Security only have to ask you leave and then they take hold of you and force you off the property if you refuse. If you resist they are able to increase the level of force to protect themselves while escorting you off property as long a its reasonable.

Politely and patiently ask people to leave??? Read the law before you attempt to argue the law.


If you invited someone into your house and then wanted them to leave, and they refused, you have a RIGHT to use a reasonable amount of force to remove them from property. By refusing to leave when told to do so is a crime TRESPASSING. The property owner or Security working on their behalf can make a citizens arrest or use force to remove the person from property.

You are not entitled to stay on another person's property just because they invited you on. Once you are told to leave you are OBLIGATED by law to leave.

They weren't exactly inside the "house".

More like in the other side of the sidewalk by the road. Would the security guard have called the cops had the crowd dispersed and gone back to shopping inside the mall? Not likely. She wasn't so much interested in them leaving the property as she was in telling the crowd what they needed to do with their private property (cameras), and preventing them from recording a newsworthy event from a safe location with a road between them and the mall.

It Was On Private Property

A house, a mall, a office building, a road (unless public) are all private property therefore the private property rights apply. Your contempt for authority is trumping your respect for property rights here. As a private property owner or their agent (security guard) they have a right to ask a person to leave for whatever reason they want and set rules. They did not allow pictures being taken on property (for whatever reason) the security guard told them of the rule and told them to stop. They continued and so she told them to leave. They refused. Their refusal or failure to move off property is ILLEGAL and the security guard had the RIGHT to use a reasonable amount of force to remove them from property.

A property owner can not use force to stop you from taking pictures since it is not a law but they CAN tell you to leave their property. They can force you to leave if you refuse and refusing to leave is a crime.

I'm not saying the Guard handled this correctly but she did act within her rights.

Well said. Especially about

Well said. Especially about contempt for authority trumping respect for others rights. The private property rights is what seperates libertarians from the OWS crowd, where you can violate others property as a protest. This is not libertarian at all, its arguing for private property becoming public property. The difference is you aren't forced to pay taxes on private property like this mall, therefore, you don't own it, and have no rights. You are a guest. Thanks for standing up for this point, bro.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

I think most of us would

I think most of us would agree that the security guard should have acted more professionally. She lost her cool from the very beginning of the video. I've seen five year olds act more maturely. She deserved everything she had coming to her. In the end the SG made a foul of herself and became a source of entertainment for the rest of us. And man, that outfit certainly didn't help her cause.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.


against the rules to take pics at a mall ? This girl is FOS !...She got what she deserved...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I like...

how the rent a cop stepped in front of the guy's pointing finger and then told him to take his finger out of her face. Then she started jumping and twitching, while screaming. Can anybody say "hysteria"? Actually it was hysterical. I wouldn't have stopped it. I would have bet twenty dollars on the biker chick and given 1.5 to 1 odds. I'm just sayin'.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

I'm not a violent person...

but I was 'glad' to see that psycho get what she deserved.

Whenever watching these things my adrenaline level gets so high. Probably a result of playing multiple sports all my life and knowing that toughness = tenacity = victory (in most cases).

Also, I always think and prepare my mind for what I WOULD DO if in this situation... What if we brought our own handcuffs to public assemblies, not necessarily a factor in this situation, be referencing what happened to kokesh in Philly, could we not detain the abusive police by cuffing their hands, or perhaps, cuffing a few together to prevent their activities?

Then, of course, once they are cuffed we take their cuffs and round up the rest? lol

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

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Cody Wilson's

next release: "Liberator Handcuffs"!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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It seems millions of us are

It seems millions of us are cheering on the civilian to beat the shit out of the authority figure on a power trip. Nice job civilian lady! I'll bet that rent-a-pig was a fired TSA agent.

This is how civil insurrection starts against out of control authority figures.

Shouldn't have shoved the

Shouldn't have shoved the patron, terrible conduct on the rent-a-cop's part.

my dad said you should never hit a women

he never said anything about kicking an aggressor in the face when she goes to mace/assault someone.

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My Pop said never hit a woman unless..

..she's aimin' for your privates. If she is, POW, right in the kisser.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

OK so as a cop trainer this one has a lot of wrong all over it

but can you tell me the first, foremost and initial fault on the part of the officer?

She allowed herself to personalize the situation. Suddenly a challenge to the rules of her employer became secondary to her feeling of being challenged in authority and she didn't take the early chances to de-escalate the situation.

Part of the moral of this story is cop training these days has taken the emphasis off de-escalation and into the real of "pain compliance" and "full spectrum domination". So the very first thing I wish to point out is that this officer was failed in training by her trainers. And one thing that should have been made abundantly clear is the LIMITS OF OUR AUTHORITY AS UNIFORMED SECURITY OFFICERS. Rule number one: we're not cops. Rule number two, we're not cops.

The role of a uniformed and unarmed security officer is the following:

1. Instruct
2. Observe
3. Report

We're not supposed to directly intervene or create or contribute to a hostile situaion, we're supposed to call the cops.


1. Instruct the people that they are on private property and policy states that photography is not allowed.

2. Seeing the people non compliant she should have reported a situation beyond the scope of her control and request PD assistence.

3. It would have been really nice if she then fell back to basic traffic control and helping keep people out of the way of traffic and maintaining order INSTEAD OF ENDING UP IN A FRACAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

Because that was like totally NOT the end result that was helpful right? I mean come on. Seriously? And she allowed herself to get tactically dominated? If she had a real sidarm in that situation, we;; that is like THE ABSOLUTE WORST SCENARIO FOR AN OFFICER. You get dominated, disarmed and killed with your own weapon and NOW WE HAVE A WEAPON IN THE HANDS OF A HOMICIDAL PERSON. That is totally NOT what we want to have happen.

An officer in trouble should almost always retreat in the face of overwhelming force and call for backup.

So what do I think of the offier in question?

Well first off she's got a pair huh? Dang I'm attracted to women like that and when her hat came off she had this just gorgeous head of blond hair and she looked a whole lot more pretty without the hat. But beyond that, as a trainer, that's something I can work with. She's proactive as hellinabucket. She's a dead-ringer for retraining or as I see it, she never had real training to begin with but she's sure got the attitude. With real training she could be a great officer.

Hey some of us screw it up the first few times. I didn't get to be a trainer over night, I got like decades of experience and a lot of it was learning from mistakes. And getting it drilled into me again and again and again, there are 3 things that get cops killed:

1. Making false assumptions.

2. Poor positioning.

3. Relaxing too soon.

Now if I might ask in my humble way that you guys not universally beat the crap out of this officer in training? Try to see her as a person and we actually need more like her. She needs training and self confidence building especially after this. Not hate. She could turn out to be a really great officer. With some help.

Can I ask you that?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


I'm thinking we DON'T need more like her. We need more Andys and fewer Barneys in both police and private security.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Yeah yeah yeah cop training yada yada yada

know what scares me?

It took some drive-by bystander to step in and assume responsibility.

I hope that every single one of you would do that with me. Just step in and assume responsibility and put a stop to this infinitely stupid display. I know you would and that is the kind of person I absolutely rely on you to be.

What scares me is there are so few of us and if we get into trouble these mute morons will just stand there like rented sign posts and video record it.

I will fight tooth and nail for you. Be nice if we knew we had back.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

The bystander who arrived late

intervened at the appropriate time. There was still some risk to insisting on the two putting some distance between each other since the biker chick had her restrained. The moment of separation could have been more violence.

But the biker chick turned out to be the right person to restrain her. She had the skills to do it and the less-skilled intervening might not have added much, possibly complicating it. I'd like to give the bystanders the benefit of the doubt that if the biker chick did not have the skills, they would have helped. It's hard to know for sure, given the bystander effect and all.

Defend Liberty!

It's the economy

This is what happens when you are afraid of losing your job.
It's the economy...If this lady was not so worried about losing her job, then she would had said "F-THIS".
If these people are not going to listen to me, then I will find another job doing something where I can receive more respect.
But, there obviously are not many decent jobs in West Virginia because she is afraid that she won't find anything better somewhere else.
In addition, it seems the bystanders are a little "hungry" for excitement, Where are the peacekeepers? Too many here on the DP seems to enjoy when people are fighting too. If you do not have peace in the family, there will not be peace in the community. If there is not peace in the community, then there will not be peace in the world. How many here on the DP have been speaking out against the WARS over the years, but now...seem to enjoy people fighting...Like the good Doctors says, that really baffles me.


This kept running through my head the whole time lol.

She Broke Her Prime Directive: "Observe and Report"

When you are on the job as a Mall Cop or Security officer, the first order of business is to first "Observe and Report."

This crazed woman has a mental, spirtual and emotional problem. She needs to resign and seek proper care for her condition. She could have caused great harm to herself and the others.

Can you imagine what a mess this could have been if she had pulled a weapon out and used it..

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She did cause harm to one other

Possible whiplash (learned recently that you can get whiplash from slipping on the stairs and catching yourself on the handrail -- although that's generally a lot less traumatic than a car accident or a fist). And most likely bruising (of the body; the ego of the uniformed uninformed chimp).

Also very glad she had no weapon.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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The Biker chick looked like

The Biker chick looked like she had a buddy show her some BJJ moves once or twice.


she pulled guard and went for an arm bar!

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
That lady certainly wasnt very smart though. She should have already called the cops to come and handle everything because of the accident. Sitting there yelling and screaming at people is not going to get them to listen to you.

I am not even really sure what the point of not taking pictures is though.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

This is a sad display all the

This is a sad display all the way around. It is sad that the people had no respect for private property rights. It is sad that the security guard was unable communicate in a respectable manner. (This is a result of her being insecure and trying to compensate with force.) It is sad that she assaulted the girl. It is sad that the crowd just stood there and watched. It is shocking that they told to only person with common sense to not get involved. (If the security guard got the upper hand I bet they would have got involved.) The only decent human being in that whole scenario is the guy in the orange shirt.

I agree!

I agree!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Private property rights my ass

Mall cops don't have any right to prevent me from taking photos in a publicly accessible place (except where taking photographs would amount to stealing something of value obviously). She was all worked up about people taking pictures of a truck that drove down in a ditch and managed to get herself posted to youtube in a ridiculous catfight. I see lots of sad shit on youtube, but this isn't sad, it's just retarded, and hardly pitiable.

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So if someone is on your

So if someone is on your property doing something you do not want done on your property you (or someone you employ) have no right to ask them to leave? I have been very surprised at the lack of knowledge on private property rights on this site. You would think that folks here would embrace and understand that concept.