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Maybe there is hope for the idiot afterall (Piers Morgan)

So I stumbled upon this today. It seems that even the biggest idiots can wake up and begin to see some truth. I'm not saying he is there yet but it's a start.


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Just because Piers believes in Jesus Christ

doesn't absolve him from being a douche bag, even in the slightest. There were many nefarious people in history whose Christianity did not keep them from performing heinous crimes. I don't think I need to name who some of those are on here. Shit, Obama considers himself Christian, look at all the evil he's done. Piers is just using this as a way to get more people to watch his garbage show. Don't fall for it Christians. You are smarter then that.

Don't kid yourself. Piers is

Don't kid yourself. Piers is still on the governments mind control team. He has to concede the obvious once in a while so as to not lose all credibility with the sheeple who watch his show.

Is there any more of that video online?

I'd like to see what he started saying (when the video cut off) about Obama saying he didn't know about it.

As for the video itself, I actually have to give Piers Morgan a little bit of credit here. At least he's not a total shill who tried to sweep the scandals under the rug. Potentially he could've tried to dismiss it with some line like this: "even with IRS scandal, it's far too big a leap to say that it means you need guns to protect yourself from government tyranny".

Overall, I still don't trust him but I did appreciate how he responded on this.

Spinning out of control

When one of their best shills appears to begin to understand, all bets are off.

Just open the box and see

I would not be quick to

I would not be quick to delude myself that there is any "waking" of a Peirs Morgan or any of the talking heads that have achieved his level in the deceptive media propaganda machine. I do not believe he is unaware he is paid to advocate against... though from time to time he may be forced by circumstance to concede a point or two.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.


When I saw the video with him and Penn yesterday, it seemed like he was trying to downplay it a bit by saying the whole thing "borders" on tyrannical.

Still, even if him and Joe Scarborough are merely attempting to save face (likely), I'd bet that at least a few more of their loyal viewers now understand why the second amendment isn't so 'crazy'.

Like I've been asking the dems the past two weeks, "what if the shoe were on the other foot? What if it were Bush doing this? What if Obama had a little R in front of his name instead of a D?"

To the repubs, just bring up how the "Patriot Act" is even worse than what the IRS did/does. Not as effective, but it has made a few people stop and think for a second.

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