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Men's Warehouse rejects criminal background checks

Go Mr. Zimmer! Go Men's Warehouse!!!


"just goes to show- if you treat people with respect, they will generally treat you the same. if you treat them like criminals, they'll tend to behave like criminals.if there were a men's wearhouse on this island, i'd go buy two suits today as a show of support for mr. zimmer (also because I could use them.)"
--- online comment.


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Mr. Zimmer fired


Story says for no reason. Wonder if it has something to do with this.

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A few George Zimmer stories

I had seen television commercials for the Men's Warehouse, for many years, by the time the California medical marijuana initiative was up for vote. George Zimmer, was a public and financial supporter of it. I think that his support was big because he was a well known and respected public figure. Shortly after that, I needed a tuxedo, so you can guess where I bought it.

Years earlier he caught my attention when he was a big donor to the Oakland Zoo, this mattered to me, because I lived in Oakland, had young children and enjoyed going there.

Around three years ago, a friend of mine, who used to buy clothes for her husband at the Men's Warehouse, told me that she had just gone and learned that the sales clerk who usually helped her, a "very nice young woman," from a country in Central America, had died a few days earlier in an auto accident. George Zimmer, paid to have her body shipped to her family. My friend was touched by his kindness and said she would always shop there. Ditto.

good clerk

A little over a year ago I was called to show up in Pittsburgh to add commentary and interviews around the planned webcast of Ron Paul's packed-house appearance at Pitt. I needed some new clothes quickly, so I pulled into the first Men's Wearhouse I saw. I grabbed a black (!) blazer, two nice shirts in my size (not easy to do) and a pair of lightweight all-purpose grey slacks. Almost four hundred bucks, at retail prices. No sale on. As I painfully pulled out my credit card, I explained to the young man waiting on me what I was doing - heading to Pennsylvania to make sure Ron Paul gets some (alternative) media coverage. I asked him if he knew who Ron Paul was. He looked at me slyly, and spoke softly. "The Revolution has begun." I suddenly felt proud for this young guy to make a full commission on my sale. Saved a bunch of time, which was suddenly at a premium, much more valuable than the cash. And, yes, I liked the way I looked.

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My impression...

Of the entire report
was applauding Zimmerman for using his 'own' brain and discernment when hiring/interviewing...
instead of:
simply black balling applicants via 'another' Gov't inspired database.

Compare it to the 'no fly' list or a terrorist 'watch' list...
once you're 'on' it... you are stigmatized for life.

It's tricky, I know... balancing the 'Real' threats with the 'perceived' ones...
and that...
brings us to where we are TODAY:

Know what I mean?

If we are to value Dr. Paul's opinion on such matters...
he LOATHES having embraced (the Bush doctrine) of Preemption...
which is fear based; presumes guilt etc.
Such a 'policy' correlates to what 98% of the business's use by consulting (only) such 'lists'
knee jerking and rejecting applicants....
aka 'preempt' problems... assume guilt.

I simply applaud Zimmerman for not being Robotic (Fear based)
and instead
using his own brain.

Second Chance?

The United States represents just 3% of the worlds population, but accounts for 28% of the worlds prisoners in which the majority are charged with non-violent crimes.

Isn't that disgusting? And IF these people are ever released they will carry the burden of being a felon out into the world. Despite doing their time. In my opinion that's just wrong. They've served their punishment. Let them live.

Nope.This stuff is incredibly naïve.

Go ahead and hand your credit card over to the sales clerk who has been convicted four times for credit card fraud.

Years ago, Crain's Chicago had an article as great as it was extensive. The highlights were that 85% of the American workforce steals from their employer, and that the leopard doesn't change his spots.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

No kidding. "Kevin" applied

No kidding. "Kevin" applied for a job here last week and I Googled him as first step in the hiring process. Here's what is in the paper about him. It's a lot different than his resume.

"One of two ********** brothers involved in counterfeiting $20 bills received a sentence Friday, and will spend the remainder of three years on probation.

Kevin *** ***********, 33, also got time served in ****** County Jail after his arrest for the March 16 incidents where he tried to pass the fake bills at ***** ****** fast food restaurants, not succeeding before one called police.

Police found 15 counterfeit $20 bills in his van.

******* R. *********, 37, of ********** has pleaded to Class D felony theft and Class D felony counterfeiting and could get a prison sentence of up to three years.

He told police he was making the bills to support a drug habit---------------------------------------------------------
I also found a dishonorable mention on Kevin for forgery and DUI.

Go ahead. You hire him. I'll do the work myself or go out of business before I'd hire him.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

not once did you mention what you would be hiring him for

and what the job would require him to do...and what you asked him to ascertain whether or not he could do the job and whether or not he would do the job well. If you had taken the effort to find out relevant information you might have been able to determine whether to hire him or someone else based on relevant to the job information.

And if you were to go to the trouble of actually getting relevant information you might actually find the right person for the job and not just someone who never tried to use fake money to buy stuff.

Did it ever occur to you that people continue on in that matter because they have to live somehow.

i think adam is sort of

i think adam is sort of twisting things for his own anti-goverment agenda. the government isnt forcing private business to hire certain people by using background checks... private business can chose whether or not to use the system.

i applaud mens warehouse for going against the grain .. but come on lets be real... this isnt big government telling private business who is safe to hire and to hire only those people... its just a tool to make hiring decisions. use it or dont.

We need more posts like this

We need more posts like this showing companies using excellent free market business principles like this one. Helps us to in choosing where to put our hard earned money at.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

I really love this.

I believe in redemption. Thankfully so does George Zimmer!

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Men's Warehouse

"You're going to like the way you're treated; I guarantee it."

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