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Virginia GOP nominates a great team to oppose federal intrusion on the Commonwealth

"Jackson became the GOP’s first African American nominee for statewide office since 1988, overcoming six other hopefuls for the No. 2 spot on the ticket after four dramatic ballots lasting nearly 10 hours" http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/va-politics/va-republica...

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Please bump!

One of the more important races this year and thank you :^)

Eventually it reaches a point of essential alienation, where it can no longer pretend to represent the governed. The American government is now the most powerful human organization that has ever existed. It has made a stupid habit of exercising power arbitrarily, uninhibited by moral or constitutional principle. It is not a conspiracy masterminded by some cunning genius at the center; it is a system of power which large numbers of greedy and ambitious people have learned to use. It has ceased to be a problem for Americans only; it has become a problem for a large part of the human race. Joseph Sobran

A more accurate description of events

The convention was and is a result of our hard work, bypassing the establishment's controlled primary system.


I was a delegate too as were many RP folks and much more...

...and still relevant.



If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite. – Gary Allen

E.W. Jackson- Former Marine too

I certainly like the way Jackson is talking, "get the government off our backs, off our property, out of our families, out of our health care and out of our way.”

And I like how he compares Planned Parenthood to the KKK, because if they really showed the statistics of who uses the services, everyone would see the genocide. Government funded genocide. He should be brutally honest and say the comparisons.

I don't care if they want to buy the services in a free market, but government funded is not free market. I have seen enough of that when we look at history of genocidal wars, literally.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Solid ticket for the Commonwealth

I attended the convention as a delegate, along with several thousand other liberty minded Virginians. Big issues during the convention were the 2nd amendment (yes, there were individuals open carrying during the convention), continuing the fight against Obamacare, and fighting federal overreach and abuse of the constitution. There were neocon candidates for LT. GOV., but they did not prevail! The most libertarian LT. GOV. candidate, Susan Stimpson, did not gain the nomination, but E.W. Jackson is a solid second choice and far better than the neocon alternatives. There was too much pro-military atmosphere for my liking, and a bit too much flag waving. But at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a large part of the GOP is still sincere about liberty.

Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. Truth is most powerful, and will ultimately prevail.