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Defining GMO

What food isn't GMO anyway? This term needs better definition on our forum and in the public debate.

From the Wiki:
"The term GMO is very close to the technical legal term, 'living modified organism' defined in the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which regulates international trade in living GMOs (specifically, "any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the use of modern biotechnology").

So did dear old Dad and your loving Mother create a GMO in you through selective breeding?

What if a doctor selected the best traits from your mom's family and your dad's and stirred you up in a petri dish??? Hybridization.

What if they went outside the family, the race, the genus, the species???

The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPoB) is a little too NWO for me.

What are the lines here?

At what point do we demand the science before the implementation and draw that line in the sand? That seems to me to be the big question to answer first in the public debate before we can effectively tackle this politically. The government is not going to do this for us. Why? Because there is no money in delayed implementation. That would be an ethical move. Not likely, as we know.

Insightful comments and reference materials greatly appreciated in your comments. Please keep the emotional responses to a minimum.

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gmo refers to recombinant DNA technology

That is what the wiki you referenced means by "modern biotechnology". Selective plant breeding is not genetic engineering. Recombinant DNA is a process that takes genes from viruses and bacteria or other life forms and uses them to insert genes into bacteria, plants, animals etc. using a gene gunor a virus. So no my parents didn't genetically modify me using recombinant DNA technology to insert genes from other life forms they just created me the old fashioned way by mixing their human genes together in a natural time tested method. Hope that clears up your confusion.

What someone told me...don't know if its true

I don't actually know a great deal about this, but someone told me that the GMO hate is not at GMO itself, but a particular kind of GMO. More specifically, it's the kind of genetic engeneering via chemicals or something like that rather than actual gene splicing or somekind of manual coding (yes, I know we can't do the latter yet).