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BLOOMBERG: North Korea Test Fires Four Missiles Off Coast Over Weekend

BLOOMBERG: North Korea Test Fires Four Missiles Off Coast Over Weekend

By Sangwon Yoon & Sungwoo Park | May 19, 2013 | 8:01 AM PT

North Korea fired four short-range missiles over the weekend as it showcased its military ambitions in defiance of international sanctions and diplomatic efforts to convince the totalitarian state to return to talks.

Kim Jong Un’s regime launched one short-range guided missile yesterday afternoon headed northeast into waters off its eastern coast, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Seok said by phone yesterday in Seoul. That followed the firing of three short-range projectiles on May 18. South Korea urged the North to stop provocations, Unification Ministry spokesman Kim Hyung Suk said in a briefing yesterday.

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Twice as many?

Kim is laughing at the lack of US response.

Seems he has TWICE as many nuclear-capable missile launchers as previously predicted.


bigmikedude's picture

C'mon now Bob

If there were only three five gallon buckets of oil under them, we'd be there with 600,000 troops, on a humanitarian mission for "democracy," and by then, according to our useless propaganda spewing news media, Kim would be a major head in Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda would be training and recruiting there, they would be a 'major threat to the U.S. and Israel,' have possible weapons of mass destruction, with plans to attack South Korea gathered by U.S. intelligence (that never really existed as we would find out in 50 years).

But in the end, the reality is there's just no oil there, so he's harmless and laughable and not worth a second glance let alone a response. Unlike Iraq, Iran, da da da da..

Nothing there But Lots of Starving Commies..

It seems we are becoming more like North Korea everyday...