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Why Bullies Still Prosper at Work

Why Bullies Still Prosper at Work

by LiveScience Staff
Date: 17 May 2013 Time: 02:29 PM ET
(My blood pressure dropped over 30 points after I retired on disability, just because I got away from one S.O.B. There is virtually no case law on on-the-job bullying; hence, no support from management or HR. Lucky for him [and, maybe, for me, I have a wife. Otherwise I would have killed this bum years ago [as I would have been stuck with his care had he survived.])

Even though most companies on paper say they don't tolerate bullying in the workplace, bullies can still thrive in office environments.

This may be explained by a social gift many bullies share: They know how to strategically abuse their coworkers — with belittling comments, deliberate exclusion and the like — while still garnering positive evaluations from their supervisors, researchers say.

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