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Theory on the detainment of Adam Kokesh-

Do you all remember when Adam publicly stated that he would be working cooperatively with police/law enforcement for his Independence Day open-carry march, maybe to the point of it being choreographed? I hope you listen when a Patriot speaks, because just what if this is the event that was choreographed in order to swell the people to call for the release of Adam, no doubt building his credibility as an activist and the added insult to all veterans for this this type of treatment of those who have and are dying for lies? Please understand this is just my opinion, but if there is one thing I've learned since my awakening in 2009 it is that words are more meaningful and deliberate than ever before, and I venture to suggest that Adam has just set the stage (two months prior to his march) in order to fuel the rally around a very central and sensitive issue in this nation right now: guns. The second amendment is said to be the last right that the people are measured by...well let's see the ground-swell of this incident prove me right! Do not always assume the men in "costumes" are against us, because when we start to assume they are all against us we may just miss out on the thousands who aren't.

Have we forgotten about the sheriffs of this nation standing for gun rights/second amendment...or about the 54 Colorado sheriffs who have filed suit due to anti-gun legislation...or most of all the message of Ron Paul - remember, even men in "costumes" cannot un-learn or un-hear what they have learned or heard...

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Treat every one as individuals first

Maybe it is best to treat every one as individuals first. We can do what they use to do and try to defuse situations. It seems clear that a different mindset is taking hold - ie a badge gives an officer to arbitrarily run people over, order them around and scare people in the name of public safety.

I have had a number of interactions with police since I have "woken up". This includes Montgomery County Police in MD, US Cap Park Police and National Capital Police. Last year, I was pulled over for a "rolling stop", the cop asked if I would consent to having my car checked by a drug sniffing dog. (Was this because of a "Legalize Liberty" bumper sticker?) I politely did not consent, that it was unwarranted for a traffic stop. I started talking to him about the change in mentality and why do the wear black now, not blue. I told him about Oath-keepers. He when to his car, came back after a few minutes and said that the dog was going to take to long to get there and let me go with a warning. I am hoping that he looked up Oath keepers and liked what he read.

If I had called assumed he was power hungry monster and gave him lip maybe he would not have heard anything else.


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This can not be the case. I called the Park Police

And got confirmation, that AK has been "detained" in a Federal Facility and will be arraigned on Monday.

[It better be something good because the videographic evidence shows him CLEARLY not resisting arrest.]

Given the history of arbitrary detention and release that the Feds have already shown themselves to undertake, such as in the case of another ex-Marine Brandon Raub...where he was detained at a mental facility for 6 days...I don't hold much hope that your hypothesis can be true.

And yeah I celebrate the good cops like the 54 CO sheriffs who had the cojones to take a stand for the second amendment.

However, here are the same Park Police thugs brutally arresting Adam Kokesh for "dancing" at the Jefferson Memorial. You heard that right...."dancing" at these memorials is against the law.


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Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

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let's speculate on more events before the evidence arrives!


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I got out

Of tickets because I had a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker. I have family who are cops. Friends who are cops. I know their are good guys. I do feel the good ones are outnumbered though. Remember some are just afraid to lose their job. It is not easy finding one after you lose one. Trust me, I am victim of that.


my brother n law is a local cop. Nice guy but I think he will follow orders. The idea of forming a citizen militia is starting to look like a good idea...we can recruit all those "good cops" you are talking about...we can draft them.

In other words you are saying

In other words you are saying this could be some kind of publicity stunt, and the people who arrested him were all in on it.

That seems like a bit of a stretch, but who the heck am I to say what is. If that is true, you're right...the stunt will garner more support, and people who didn't know about the march now will.

Highly unlikely, but anything is possible. If law enforcement was in on the whole thing, is that good? I don't think so.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


not saying law enforcement was in on it necessarily or to what extent if so, but Adam is not stupid and knows one cannot go around announcing such an event as the July 4th march and not be a target of interest and suspicion...he is the only person needed to play the role in garnering publicity that may just wake this sick country up.

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Here's a theory - Martin Luther King went to jail 29 times

and on most of these occasions he knew beforehand that he would be arrested and jailed in the 'colored' part of a jail in Birmingham or Atlanta, often in the middle of summer, with no promise of a release date.

So Adam has a few more to go before equaling MLK Jr.

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Is not MLK Jr. but he sure has the balls to man up. Not like most of us who sit on the computer hoping things are going to change.

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If I had a job like mlk or ak I would not fear being arrested and detained.

If I were the "peace mom" or Naomi Wolfe or ANYONE that didn't have a 9 to 5 job I would happily allow myself to be arrested in the name of Freedom.

But, since I do have a responsibility to my family I must consider their welfare immediately, at first. Then, I will show other ways of civil disobedience.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Is this the time for ALL of us to take to the streets, to fight, to be arrested? It is coming, for sure. But is it today? The king's ships are in the harbor, that is true but OUR plan is still being formulated.

We, the people, at this time, resist violent mass revolution but we ARE preparing for the "governmental" collapse and rogue departmental brutality that will attempt to follow. We WILL, however, destroy that in the process of replacing our State sovereignty.

Let the FEDERAL government collapse. That is inevitable (just like the Soviet Union). But, just as in the Soviet "empire", the States here will survive.

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ok then...I never compared the martyrdom of MLK Jr. with Adam Kokesh, in fact I think martyrdom can occur for the most disgusting reasons...so I don't know where the feeling of hostility arose within you to assume a comparison was implied here, when I never mentioned another political, liberty-driven character in my entire thread...

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I never mentioned martyrdom or hostility


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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You made me think...and I always like that!

Very interesting opinion. It had not crossed my mind (and I'd be real surprised if the whole thing was planned) but I pride myself in looking at all angles and this thought never entered my mind. Good thing there are lots of free thinkers here on the DP. :)

Great example of official

Great example of official oppression, targeting, out of control police state and government employee war on we the people. Text book case for educational purposes.

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Or maybe it's the exact opposite


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Could be...

I believe either way...the line has been crossed by those who have tested it far too long.

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Proof of honest truth

Not knowing the future is not the same thing as having no idea as to what can, may, or will happen in the future.

Proof of the lies told by the people who claim to have power over their victims, such as those Federal Reserve Criminals, or those Criminals in Washington D.C., or those Criminals in Wall Street, abound, and proof of those lies are abundantly visible to all the people who actually do prove, each day, that they are volunteering to serve and protect innocent people.

I've long since held the belief, or sound reasoning, that this Country will move further in to Absolute Despotism, or away from Absolute Despotism, and move into Liberty because the volunteers who volunteer to serve and protect outnumber, not necessarily in pure head counts, but are of a significant enough number to overpower those whose goal is Absolute Despotism in demonstrable fact.

The fact that so many military and police volunteers supported Ron Paul, to me, proves the honest truth in this regard.

The battle is never over, just more and less difficult.


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Excellent restatement

"The battle is never over, just more and less difficult."

Very close to "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

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That is a very good connection to be made in my opinion.

The general understanding I have of the problem, expresses in so many words, returns to basic sets, or categories, of people as their thoughts and actions place them in those categories.

People can, in a sense, vote with their thoughts and actions, and in so doing they uproot themselves from one category and they move into another.

Criminals with badges.
Criminals without badges.

Victims who are also criminals.
Victims who are innocent.

Defenders of Liberty
Defenders of Liberty who are as yet still victims but working effectively to become less victimized by criminals.
Defenders of Liberty who are as yet still victims and despite all the work done to defend liberty their work is ineffective at lessening the cost (or price) of eternal vigilance demanded by the criminals among us.

I could expand the word count as, in my opinion, my effort to be vigilant goes into much greater detail.