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Louisiana SECRET info. Take a look!! We Kicked Butt??

I was doing a little hunting and found the Huckabee forum to be quite informative. Read through all of the posts. From what I gather we dominated Louisiana!

Read the entire thread 2 pages!


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Doesnt it bother you that they ganged up on Ron??

Where are the principals of these cacaus goers - I mean they are willing to deal with the devils JUST TO DEFEAT Ron Paul??
Have they no morals... this is just henious that they BRAG about they had to band together to keep a couple of delegates from Ron...

Assholes each and every one and PROUD to admit they did something wrong..



Thank You Louisiana!

I read it all. It's great stuff.

My favorite is the last line (at leas when I read it) of all the posts:

"Anyway the I think this story will go under the radar but we must get mike Huckaee people out on Feb 9th!!! If it under 50 percent this state will have a lot of delgates go to Ron Paul"

Clearly Louisiana

Is a good place to call home : )- thanks for your dedication in Louisiana!

very cool

makes me forget the about buckeyes game, way to go Louisiana. bring it home on 2/9.

This is why we need that brokered convention.

By that time more delegates might be compelled to vote for Ron.

I"m confused

Can these guys vote on the nomination or not? What do the people selected today do? Can they just attend the national convention?

yes, it's confusing

but yes, this caucus did select delegates. Each candidate ran a slate of delegates and they get elected at the caucus. However, and it's absurd but I think it's how it works, all the elected delegates remain "technically" uncommitted until the primary.

If a single candidate gets 50% or more of the votes, then he gets either all of the delegates no matter what slate or half the delegates no matter what slate they came from the caucus. I need to be straightened out on that.

So, let's say it's half. There are 44. Let's say Ron Paul supporters win all 44 delegates. They remain technically uncommitted until February 9th. In that primary, if Romney got 50% of the vote, half of Dr. Paul's delegates would have to vote to Romney at the convention.

It's something like that. How they came up with that system I have no idea.

Here's how it works

15 delegates and alternates from each of the 7 Congressional Districts were chosen tonight generally based on 'slates' of who they supported.

Those 105 delegates to the state convention (7*15) will select 3 from each Congressional District to be delegates to the national convention.

They will also select 20 at large delegates at the state convention (on feb 16th)

3 more spots are for party officials

3 more spots are chosen BY party officials

IF, IF, IF a candidate gets 50%+ of the vote in the Feb 9th primary, they will get the 20 at large delegates promised for the 1st ballot only to the national convention.

Since this is unlikely, therefore - if RP gets all 105 delegates the the state convention, he will likely have 41 of the 47 national delegates (21 district + 20 at large)

This system was set up so as to avoid being penalized by the GOP for an early caucus. (Super Tuesday is on Mardi Gras so our primary is Feb 9th - the Saturday after)

Let's hope no one else drops out

I'm still a little confused.

1.) 6 delegates are selected by the party. Do we know how these people will vote?
2.) Does this mean that the only way that RP would not win LA is if another candidate won 50% of the vote?


I think Rudy or Huck dropping out in the right order and at the right time will likely aid Paul. But that's for another topic.

1) Most likely those 6 party officials will be establishment supporters. Rumor has it most of them supported Thompson (oh well)

2)Most likely (if you mean the primary vote on feb 9th)

But technically, he will have possibly 21 delegates from the Congressional Districts so he will have 21 and whoever wins if at all the Feb 9th primary will have 20 and then the 6 unknowns.

thanks for a clear description

of a very muddy process. So the entire process requires three events:

The 105 delegate caucus, the Feb. 9th public vote, the 20 at-large delegates selected on Feb. 16th and the 3 from each congressional district selected on (what date)? Sheesh, I'm tired already.

3 Key LA dates

Jan 22nd - 105 state delegates selected (15 from each congressional dist)

Feb 9th - Presidential Preference Primary

Feb 16th - State Convention (3 delegates from each Congressional Dist chosen, 20 at-large delegates chosen)

If a candidate gets 50%+ on Feb 9th, they get the at-large 20 delegates, else those delegates stay officially uncommitted. (but if the 105 were RP supporters, then those 20 will most likely be as well)

That's a likely potential of 41 out of 47 delegates.

The Second Battle of New Orleans!

Great Job guys! You caught the Red Coats...;uhhh I mean Neocons...Completely unaware!

Freaking Amazing!!!!

Please please please... Let's win this one!!!

julie annes people prolife delegates?

they are joining forces,lol

yea lol -

I laughed when I read that - especially considering Dr. Paul just picked up a crucial "pro-life" endorsement by "jane roe"

Huck's Army is no match for the Freedom Train!

Merci Louisiana. We're working it nationwide.
See you in St. Paul. On the river.

What hypocrites !

One guy's talking about his love for the children of illegals and how his fellow christians dissapointed him tonight (because of "The Hucksters" lame stance on illegals) but stops short of realizing that there are actually children in Iraq and Afghanistan being slaughtered .

So thats how we do it get active become delegates

Awesome work! The r3voltion crashing a Rudy press conference in Florida, Fred drops out, Huckabee and Rudy are broke, then this, nice ; )

"In short, you see, the essential is to cease being free and to obey, in repentance, a greater rogue than oneself. When we are all guilty, that will be democracy. Without countering, cher ami, that we must take revenge for having to die alone. Death is so

I am sleeping with a smile

I am sleeping with a smile on my face. I am telling everyone I have convinced but is holding back their full support due to the lack of a win. A small part of Milwaukee Wisconsin will know what happened in Louisiana, they will tell their friends, etc., etc.

I also signed up to be a precinct leader today. Should be fun.

Yeah I was in district seven

Yeah I was in district seven and the Ronulans done a good job. There was 30 people outside waving signs even up to a mile away. I could join because it was my wife birthday and she doesn't understand this movement at all. I also woke up to the fact that I was a independent so I couldn't vote but I brought two other people to take my place. I hear the paulistas filled the ballot on both sides in Lafayette.

One important post on the war room stressed

that voting in the primary on Feb. 9th was just as important as the caucus. Half the delegates are up for grabs if any candidate gets 50% or more. Plus, the low turnout in some areas is being attributed to confusion among the voting public about the entire process.


Way to go, Louisiana. Now we all have to measure up.

God..don't send me there

God..don't send me there again..I wanted to register..I had to bite my fingers. How in the H can they want a man for President who was indicted 14 times in this state for misapproprating money and convicted 5 times! How could they vote for a man that actually LIED to me about his feelings on smoking! I can not even see how such a conniving crook could be RUNNING, and they all fawning all over him..it made me sick. The 14 times he was indicted were probably a tiny drop he got caught at, too. The man has no integrity at all..like a wolf in sheep's clothing..he is horrible..no, I am NOT going back there and register..gnash..

LOL Sorry.....

It is a sad thread if you are a Huck supporter.......

The comments like "Paulies out in Force" just make me smile. And the other thread that says "Ron Paul supporters swarmed my wife and I"


I love it.

We need to follow suit in every state! This could be huge. I hope the numbers follow the hope brought by these comments!

That is pretty amazing

Thanks for that.


Sounds like Huck's Army came unprepared and were simply overwhelmed by the "Paulites." SWEET!!! By the sound of things, we were the only one's paying attention to how the Louisiana system works. See, being informed DOES help after all!