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Virginia State Republican Convention

Good morning brothers and sisters of the liberty movement, while the state convention of Virginia was not a total victory for our cause, there is something worth celebrating. The hand picked establishment insider (Pete Snyder) for the lt. Governor spot was denied in the final ballot by a margin of 42%-58%. The downside is the man who won, the tea party grassroots favorite is already being attacked by the left for his "extremist" views. This man is E.W. Jackson and he is a black minister, the first time in two decades Virginia has nominated a African American for statewide office, but dont let E.W. hear you say this, he proudly states with a thunder to his voice that he is NOT and African American, he is an AMERICAN!
While Jackson has some views on social issues that many of us in this movement would disagree with, I agree with his social conservative views (to an extent), but let me clarify on a state level. When it comes to the federal level I am libertarian all the way. Let California be socialist and gay if they so choose, and let Virginia refuse gay marriage and cut taxes all they want. This is how freedom unites, by recognizing a states sovreignty from a tryrannical federal government.
MY first choice did not make it past the second ballot, and in the end he turned and endorsed the establishment pick, shame on you Scott Lingamfelter, I thought you were a man of conviction and willing to fight the enemies, both foreign and domestic, of the constitution until the very end. Scotts record on gun rights as delegate in the Virginia house is unmatched by any, hence my strong support for him. The first and the second amendment are the most important of the amendments in the constitution. Without the first we cant fight to keep the second, and without the second we cant FIGHT to save the first and the rest.
Let me explain why Pete Snyder would have been a loss to not so much Virginia but for our national movement, because he would have easily cruised Ken Cuccinneli to victory as Governor, now the left has ammo, but I see their cannons about to backfire as they attack E.W. a man of srong faith and constitutional principles. Snyder had all his donations and money coming from OUT OF STATE. That immediately raises a red flag amongst the grassroots, be it tea partiers or the Paul libertarians, we saw the palstic man coming from a mile away. Pete spoke and ran a campaign as if he were already running against the democrat, his line was " I created jobs, Im a job creator, thats why you should elect me"... what the hell is that? Everyone at the convention more than likely has a job or is retired, his message resonated with almost no one in the grassroots. Lets examine Petes background, any one here can google him to verify this, Pete was guess what... Romneys Virginia campaign man!! Ohhh my my. In 2007 who worked on Rudy Guillianis campaign for president, thats right Pete Snyder. A man so fake and plastic he was basically a clone of Mitt Romney. Had Pete won the Lt. governor spot at the convention and then in the general I can gurantee we would have seen him in the future running for the national office of Senate or congress and then all of you would have had to deal with another phony establishment hack ruining our lives for the benefit of the elite insiders.
So heres cheers to the grassroots for giving a big middle finger to the establishments chosen one Pete Snyder. His Campaign logo "Big bold ideas" though he never explained what exactly those were. E.W. Jacksons logo "Let liberty light the way for Virginia"!!!

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