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Do Something About It!

Instead of arguing on the Daily Paul, get to your Republican party and argue the RINO neocons to shame, until the leave the party and join the democrats where the rightfully belong, please do this now, start in you city or home town until you work you way up to state. Go all out, libertarian with no holding back, or go incognito playing the part of a standard Republican moderate, inflitrate. Takeover the party as Ron Paul asked us to. It takes more than pushing a button on a screen for primaries and general elections. Im not even thirty years old and just getting started, I have a lot of fight in me to make a stand for the constitution. Get up and fight. I know so many of you cant stomach the republican party, so go in there and change that. Make it our party. In my locality we are reaching a tipping point we will soon control the party. You would be surprised how many like minded people you will find in your party, they may be few and far between depending where your from, but you form a friendship and alliance with these people. You will orchestrate your votes together at committes and conventions, you will piss the establishment big money crooks off every step of the way and it will give you joy to see the neocons becoming fusrtated and start to lose. The people are taking this country back one way or another. This is a call to arms, your weapon is your pcoket constitution and Roberts rules of Order. Your army is a band of Tea Party activists, Ron Paul inspired newcomers (me:), and older people who supported Goldwater and Regan, they get it, they understand and they will have your back when they know you are serious about fighting to save this country and the constitution. Get involved before it is too late. As a wise man once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevietable." So before we see the inveitable we have a chance to defeat those who are trying to make this impossible for us. Speak clearly and coherently use sound logic, listen to your oppostion, be prepared, have questions pre-writted, be ready to answer. Stand you ground and dig in, we are taking this Republican party back.

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...and begin with these patriotic sentiments, won't you??




even one of the Constitutionalist instructors from Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom has stated, "the Republican Party is not worth saving"

Folks, we are so far down the road of tyranny now; there are.so many steam valves.that keep us from demanding JUSTICE based on evidence on these damn criminals(too many to name), that what Obama has done since he was elected to his 2nd term alone just paints us all as docile and nothing like our founders...

The more BOLD the position, the more wise and truthful the questions about who are we allowing to "lead" us(media personalities, politicians, party bosses); the more fractured we become because our.priorities are not in order with respect to indictments needed to STOP the tyranny yesterday!(yesterday being 9/11).

I've been duped, followed rabbit trails, trusted popular people before looking at evidence, rode "waves" of popular topics and "front page" liberty movement "news items"....but....we're in QE4 now, on our way to QE infinity...we're being stangled...and we're all over the map.

Seems we've forgotten crimes have been committed, lies have been told, impeachment or a court martial is in order, innumerable laws have been broken....and the people, well, they're chasing FRN's, hoarding silver, bullets, food, and blogging incessantly and anonymously thinking AJ.and AK are."getting it done" for us, and we hope they "break through".

Knowing what we know; infiltrating that corrupt party is not the avenue whereby we need to "do something about it"; they've circled the wagon to protect the Marxist murderers now, they've passed the laws, they've given their marching orders.

We need to keep questioning, disseminate and spread information, and build our "army" as those paper assets shrivel up and blow away; on the "other side" of whatever comes, hopefully enough "good guys" will have REAL WEALTH, and they will lead America anew.

This is not late 2011 with Ron Paul as a candidate heading into 2012; this is a whole different form of political oppression and outright treason and government lawlessness in overdrive against the people...Al Queada is in the White House for gosh sakes!!! You can't hide this knowledge and these suspicions, and try to infiltrate or overthrow the Party...we can make gains in certain areas where democratically Ron Paul's ideals are popular, but, DO NOT hide your light under a bush....sacrifice, stick your neck out, say what needs to be said....you can't B.S. these murderous B.S.ers...they intend on silencing us once and for all, they're hearts are made of stone and they are satanic to the core!

We need God's help, and we need courage!