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Comments Please! Does anyone happen to know what Paul's Super Tuesday "strategy" is??? Comments Please!

I remember how we were all down because RP only pulled off 10% in Iowa; until, I think it was, Alex Jones, described how 10% in Iowa was a good thing and that all RP had to do was "ride the tide" and stay in as long as he could - because he was pumped full of cash while all the others were flat broke, except for Mitt - and by this "strategy" alone Paul would outlast the majority. But my question is, how is this going to play out from here? Must he last "TO" Super Tuesday?, or must he get all the way "THROUGH" Super Tuesday? And how does this all line up with the party "nomination" and all. I mean how will that work and how is everyone anticipating that it is going to turn out? Anyone? Comments please?

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Super Tuesday presents a major hurdle for all candidates

but is even tougher on any sort of insurgent or dark horse candidate. In fact, lumping all those primaries together was intentional. Both parties saw advantages in changing the system from a long process of two or three a week to the current format -- 1) get a nominee earlier to concentrate on the November election 2) this also reduces the damage to the party's chances from a drawn out nasty inter-party campaign 3) presents an almost insurmountable financial and logistic challenge for candidates not favored by the party machinery. I believe these issues were openly discussed during the change to "super primary" days, or similar variations thereof.

I don't think Dr. Paul has the sort of machinery that would permit him to be equally competitive in all those races. So, maybe they will analyze the situation and target states that would keep him in the race for the long term and garner the most publicity afterwards.

Well, if I DID know what the

Well, if I DID know what the Super Tuesday strategy was, would I be stupid enough to post it for all the opposition to see? I don't think so. I want RP to win.


Yes, he has to go through Super Tuesday. But now I hear him saying he will go to the convention. He needs to last this all the way through. He has to stay in if he is going to get the nomination. I'm not sure I understand your question completely. But hopefully he will now do well on Super Tuesday and bring in more support and money and finish the primaries strongly. A couple more or at least one more candidate will probably drop out soon. Then more people will hear our message and we will begin to get the support that is deserved.