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Obama-Backed FSA Rebels Name Their Brigade “Osama Bin Laden”

Underlining once again how the White House is openly seeking to arm terrorists in Syria, video has emerged of one of the FSA rebel groups referring to their unit as the “Osama Bin Laden” brigade.

The clip shows one of the militants proclaim how he is part of “The Osama bin Laden brigade of the Souqour Dimashq (Hawks of Damascus) Battalion…..Allahu Akbar!” as the insurgents prepare to attack a Syrian Army checkpoint.

“Western countries have been claiming that the FSA is comprised of somewhat “secular” people and that jihadists have only joined the fight but they are not part of the FSA. Well, you cannot get more al-Qaeda’ish than calling a brigade “Osama bin Laden,” states the description accompanying the video.

Indeed, while the media narrative has attempted to frame the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria under the banner of Jabhat Al-Nusra as a separate entity to FSA fighters, whom the White House is now preparing to arm with heavy weaponry, 29 FSA groups pledged allegiance to Al-Nusra, which was responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq, immediately after the group was declared a terrorist organization by the State Department back in December.


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