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Media Black Out - Time to Strike Back

I continue to see the media blatantly omit Ron Paul from its political newscasts. From Meet the Press, to NightLine, to PBS, to Local News Channels of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOXNEWS ... all of them are blatantly, and ominously blacking out any mention of Ron Paul when he would be an obvious name to mention in the context of many stories. For example, my local ABC15News station in Phoenix, reported the narrowing of the field with Fred Thompson dropping out of the race. The announcer said that while the Democratic race is narrowing, the Republican race is still crowded with John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckaby and Rudy Giuliani! No mention of Ron Paul, who just placed 2nd in the Nevada caucuses and had a money bomb on MLK Day and gave a speech in Washington at a Right-to-Life rally! Come on, now! And this is just one example.

Something must be done to force them to perform their basic public duty in this election cycle. Aren't they required to provide a public service in order to maintain their broadcasting license?

Somewhere, I came across a website promoting the filing of a lawsuit against some media outlet(s), but it was some time ago, and I forgot where it is. Would someone please post this info? It is something I am now fired up about and want to get behind. Not at the expense of working to get votes for Dr. Paul, of course. I went out walking my precinct and found several new votes for him today, but I really want to force the hand of the media.

Help, anyone?

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I am tired of waiting for the MSM to come around and realize the reality of the Ron Paul Revolution. I am TIRED of the character assassination of both Dr Paul and his supporters. We have pleaded and cajoled and begged the media to be truthful and report honestly. The media has ignored marginalized and belittled our intentions. It is time to WAGE ALL OUT WAR against these deceivers and pretenders of the truth. SWAMP their comment boards; broadcast the truth on the net and in your home towns, SHORT THEIR STOCK! Boycott their sponsors FLOOD their e-mails. CRY HAVOC AND LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR!!!!

And you forgot this: RON PAUL WINS LOUISIANA!!

Woohoo!! Go Ron Go!! Next stop: Florida!!

This is WAR

Let's take the fight to the enemy. F**k MSM. Let's drop the hammer and show these pukes the will of the American people.

"Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less. -- Ron Paul, December 17, 2007"

Ron Paul is my President.

Call them on It every time we hear It,Slap it back at them!!

they think we are just gonna sit and take it! wroong!!!!!!
I'am sick of this scum!!!