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Does Rand Paul's Rise Signal A Broader Libertarian Moment?

Libertarianism, thanks, among other factors, to the emergence of leading presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, is coming to the fore.  It is presenting itself in fresh, less eccentric, and increasingly attractive ways.  Moderate libertarianism may be capturing the fancy of an overtaxed, fed-up-with-debt-fueled grandiose government, war-weary, live-and-let-live, Republican base and American people.

Time Magazine recently featured Sen. Rand Paul as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  He was not just on the list.  Time placed Paul on its cover for the first, though likely not for the last, time.)  This may signal the emergence of the Libertarian Moment.


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The Truth is....

that there is a huge Libertarian streak in many if not most Americans. This includes Republican and Democrat voters. Most people would prefer to just live their lives and not be bothered by government intrusion at any level.

If this can be the message of Rand and the Republicans going forward I believe we can succeed.


Backstaber traitor sends enough of a signal.


Yes, I Think So

His rise is a combination of factors, not the least of which is the rise of libertarianism. "Libertarian" was almost never used, and when used, was mis-used, before Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, so to the degree that Rand Paul's success depends on support from elements of the movement that supported Ron Paul, it certainly is a sign.

We were reading the many signs well before his "rise" and many here urged him to run after his speech in Boston in the 2008 campaign, so it's not the first sign, but for those who aren't paying attention, his rise is a sign.

We're tilting from left-right, to libertarian-statist, I hope.

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It's Rand or Hilary,who do you trust? progress or she devil?

oh wait you mean libertarian! kind of like the libertarian presidential candidate of 2012? Gary Johnson, the libertarian that supported war in Iraq for six months according to his tv debate? The same guy that wanted american troops in the Congo? Oh wait, just some compromise is ok but not little more than some. I guess Rand is in the little more category but go ahead and get behind that the supposedly libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, but maybe next time he just might get 5% of the vote. Meanwhile i will vote for a guy who will at least bring is progress in a step in the right direction instead of voting in the she devil.

Thanks for posting.

Rand is not a libertarian. He does not claim to be and his rhetoric and voting do not sound or appear to be.

This piece is propaganda meant to diffuse the message of liberty. Rand is, whether intentional or not, diffusing Ron's principled history and lessons of what libertarianism is.

dducks, as usual

you are spot on.

You are right, a Libertarian

You are right, a Libertarian would never actually WANT to get elected, Rand does.

I find you comment about his voting record laughable.

plenty of libertarians

want to be elected, and have. the difference is they realize the most important factor is to continue spreading the message, not a do or die must win philosophy engrained into people by the MSM, and establishment.

Didn't know that Labels were so important

True liberty minded people don't like labels. I'm an individualist and am not a party to any party UNLESS I need to infiltrate to make changes to free us from the shackles that we currently deal with daily. The NDAA is active, the Federal Reserve is still active, the wars are still active, Obamacare will be active and you're focused, hoping on a moral consciousness change that all people of this nation will wake up, that could take generations.

Ron Paul is preaching the message of Liberty still, you can help him out (Peace and Prosperity Institute). There is a strategy to overturn/repeal these unConstitutional laws in our lifetime, you can help us out or hold us back.

I only voted for Gary Johnson(even he wasn't a 'true Libertarian', and he ran as a libertarian), because I couldn't write in Ron Paul. If we can get someone like minded like Ron Paul that actually uses our Constitution, that has a chance, I will be voting for that person.

I'm wid

you = Cool Ray !

'l'ibertarianism is a philosophy.

'l'ibertarianism can be loosely defined as the political and social philosophy based on the right of every person to the peaceful use his own body and property. Stated in a ‘negative’ manner: libertarianism opposes force and fraud; the latter is a form of theft because it is the wrongful assumption of a property title.

Rand does not even describe himself as a libertarian. If there is disagreement with that, please provide proof. The knee-jerk anger provoked by DavyC or any other principled libertarian, by simply stating something that Rand admits himself is quite baffling.

The fact that no one dare debate or provide evidence contrary to the fact that Rand is not libertarian should be a good sign that the argument is a correct one. If you like Rand's politics, so be it. But his politics are not libertarian. And we have working for a long time trying to teach libertarianism to the masses. It is a set back when Rand is labeled a libertarian when he is not one.

'L'ibertarians are to libertarianism as the Communist Party was to socialism - two completely different animals. DavyC and I are merely talking about the philosophy of libertarianism. We just do not want the word, and the movement behind it, to get diluted. You should see this as a laudable goal and not allow it to anger you.


Saved it.

Your perception of my message is your interpretation

My comment was not an emotionally charged comment as you are trying to suggest. I was simply stating that labels are useless to what we need to accomplish in THIS lifetime, because Davy was referring to 'spreading the message'.

Gary Johnson flaunted himself as a 'libertarian' and was supported by the Libertarian party, he wanted to send troops under the guise of a 'humanitarian' effort and tax MJ. Tax which is force. By what you're all parading around in these posts, Johnson shouldn't have even called himself a Libertarian, and actually that should've hurt the Libertarian 'philosophy' more, as you are trying to charge against a Republican, who has always ran as a Republican.
You should be on a Libertarian website expressing your woes about the philosophy that the Libertarian party clearly disregarded when choosing Johnson to represent them.

I am not now, nor have I, in this thread,

talked about the 'L'ibertarian Party. I could not care less about any Party (well...except for Friday night fiesta parties). I did not say you were emotionally charged. But there are many who support Rand, blindly, who use emotion only. I asked you to show me how Rand is 'l'ibertarian. I ask you now, where did Rand even say he was 'l'ibertarian? Instead of arguing that he is, or proving that he says he is, or describing his rhetoric or voting as being 'l'ibertarian you actually do seem a bit emotional.

DavyC, Ron Paul, and I, for example, believe that changing the hearts and minds of the masses is how to change our situation. If you think getting top dog position in the current US regime is possible or desirable for the ultimate goal of achieving liberty than fine. But I will continue to try to keep the libertarian philosophy, popularized by Ron Paul, pure. And you will just have to endure me pushing pure libertarianism on these types of threads.

So ..oo☮☮☮ⓅⒺⒶⒸⒺ☮☮☮oo.. on that note.

You need to re-read my comment above

I don't care about LABELS or parties. Your assumption of me trying to prove a Rand Paul is a libertarian is preposterous, IF you had read my comment you would know that.

Kudos to you for coming on the DailyPaul to market a philosophy of libertarianism to people who already have an open mind. We need the ones who don't care about ending the fed or wars to wake up and most of them aren't on here.

If you actually did care about the message, you'd be helping with Ron Paul's Peace and Prosperity Institute, and physically spreading the message instead of preaching to obviously already open minds that use this website. Looks like the Libertarian party needs help in their philosophy of libertarianism as well.



egapele's picture

Is it the job of reporter to make facts appear as opinions?

Is it appropriate for a reporter to state the obvious and then cause people to question facts by simply inserting a question mark at the end of a phrase?

I saw it all the time when Ron Paul was running and it irked me to pieces. Headlines like, "Will Ron Paul have an impact on the election?" Duh.

Don't mean to undermine your post - great article & thanks for posting.

Thanks Bobby

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