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Both Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays are coming up in February - would these 2 dates make GREAT "Money Bombs" or what?

Or better yet, maybe the Ron Paul Revolution could switch gears on these days and have different types of UNITED efforts - such as a national Ron paul door-to-door campaigning venture. Anyone?

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Yay Wahington

Boo Lincoln, I wouldn't participate in a Lincoln money bomb I would actively campaign against it. He was the worst President our country ever had, going to war against fellow Americans and trumping states rights.

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Washington, Yes. Lincoln, No.

Lincoln represents everything in a president that Ron Paul hopes not to be.

If anyone thinks the Bush administration has abused the constitution, take a look at Lincoln's record.

Washington yes

Lincoln... i don't think so. He was a dictator, neo-con scum, traitor. Washington I could get behind. Most advertisers don't call it lincoln or Washington's birthday... they call it President's Day! Now that is a real theme.... celebrate President's Day with our next President - Ron Paul!


Great idea, we could not

Great idea, we could not only donate on "money bomb" days, but write our papers and go around spreading the r3volution as well. Just don't ask for potential voters to donate to the money bomb, or else it will look like a gimmick. We could even choose "super tuesday" for our next bomb, that way Dr. Paul could get some media recognition (Maybe...lo).

I also thought: What about Leap Day?

Just a thought...