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"Rand Paul Insults Libertarians" -Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh, man of the hour tells it like it is.

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What scares the hell out of

What scares the hell out of me most about Adam is how he can be used by the corporate government drive by media to totally destroy the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement in one fell swoop.

Want to demonize every Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Tea Party Patriot in America? They would set him up in a heartbeat in D.C. I think elements within the District of Criminals want the march to happen because when opportunity knocks, why not take advantage of the situation as Rahm Emanuel said?

And they would set him up...they would set him up big time, the people would be told what to chirp and tweet, and everything so many have worked for would be destroyed over night by a single person.

Look what they just did to him. He had nothing illegal, did nothing wrong, and was just arrested for no apparent reason. Now he's being charged a crime he did not commit. He never was charged with a crime to begin with.

Now just imagine the same thing, but in D.C. with weed and rifles loaded. Shots are fired by an FBI plant. Adam gets arrested and the whole thing is blamed on him. All YouTube videos showing evidence to the contrary get filtered out. The media goes crazy, reporting false stories left and right, and the next thing you know we're all a bunch of lunatics guilty by association.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

What are you talking about ?

He did not demonize Ron Paul....WTF you talking about?

He made a careful, point by point, analysis of why he does not support a 2 faced "Rand Paul".

Watch the video....please.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

So Adam didn't "Demonize" Ron

I have to say that you're wrong on that


"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth. "
— William Faulkner

Adam Kokesh insults Rand Paul and defenders of Liberty

Rand Paul to evangelical leaders--quote: "I'm not advocating everyone run around with no clothes on and smoke pot." "I'm not a libertarian."

Adam Kokesh quote re: Rand Paul addressing evangelical leaders: "Rand has now made himself an enemy of liberty."

Ask yourself-- do you really believe Rand Paul is an enemy of liberty? Not.

But here's what we can get from these two quotes: Both Adam and Rand are excellent at first knowing their audience and telling them what they want to hear. For what purpose:

1. For Rand--to win votes/expand his following
2. For Adam-- to keep a dedicated and loyal following (I don't know if he can expand too much)

3. For Adam and Rand--So each can advance the cause of liberty in their own way.

However Adam's quote clearly is divisive, but hey many take Rand playing politics as divisive.

Question: Does Rand or Adam maliciously intend to divide the liberty movement?

yeah! down with Rand!!!

...Adam Kokesh for Prez!!!

No government, No Constitution, No God, moral relativism, atheism is WISDOM!!!

John Stadtmiller from Republic Broadcasting spent time personally with AK, I don't think you AK freaks know what your idolizing....

This is the Daily Jones and Daily Kokesh....it started so well...

You never pass up an opportunity

to go on a religious rant, do you?

You do more harm than help to the religion you so often preach.

...and it's "you're", dumbass.

A signature used to be here!

maybe I can get banned...

...for rebelling against the "agenda"...

My guess, based on your tough-guy insult, is you know nothing about the history of the Christian religion....

All of you Alex Jones/Adam Kokesh worshipers are likewise a collective, and you've hijacked this movement....you're all with Obama and the radical homosexual anarchists....living in perpetual adolescence, looking to use government force to shut up truth, ignorant of our founding and world history....you're all being played...you're all still sheep!

Labels do nothing for Liberty

There is only one Ron Paul. Not even Gary Johnson who was ran as a 'libertarian', could match Ron Paul, in fact Johnson's stance on sending troops to Congo and elsewhere under the guise of a 'humanitarian' effort is sickening. On top of that Johnson wanted to tax MJ.

Gary Johnson was a false libertarian, if you really want to come down to labels. Actions speak louder than words, and I remember when Adam bailed on us before Tampa.

The people who are actually doing something outside of jamming their fingers on a keyboard, educating the masses, pro-actively engaged in grassroots efforts to take back our rights are to be commended. People like this poster and commenters that try to fit others into labels, there is no accomplishment for liberty but division.

Nouns are for collectivists!

We need to end all use of descriptive words, they are collectivist and anti-libertarian!


Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

labels are unavoidable in politics

i notice you had not one word refuting what kokesh had to say about rand paul, just a rant about gary johnson (avoiding rand's sickening iran sanctions) and putting down and making assumptions about people you know nothing about.
jamming fingers on a keyboard? like yourself? i'd rather see a MJ tax than being thrown in jail for it.

rand wants a "little less aggressive foreign policy"
what's that? like a little less aggressive torture?

it looks like we at least agree on ending the perpetual wars and policing of the world that is U.S. policy.

You're here preaching

You're here preaching libertarianism and judging on a label. I don't care what Kokesh has to say about Rand Paul or anyone else, talk about idolizing someone. What he says is the end all of libertarianism?

I commend him for talking, and doing what he does to wake up others, but there is no need for me to refer to his opinions as my opinion or consider his opinion as fact.

If you really care about the 'libertarian' philosophy, maybe you should head on over to the Libertarian party website and complain about why they nominated Gary Johnson who didn't really care to end the wars, just disguise it as a 'humanitarian' effort like all the rest of the neo-cons. Taxes aren't libertarian either.

There are other things more constructive things to do in our world than to try to find a 'perfect' person to fit your label of a 'libertarian'.

if you don't care,

like you say, would you really be going on and on about it?

no one said taxes were libertarian, but it beats rotting in a jail cell.

i'm not preaching but i do disagree with you. i'm not a fan of labeling, but common sense tells you there will be parties and philosophies and they do have names.

i don't idolize anyone, although i have respect for people with principles. everyone makes mistakes, and people can change but rand in my opinion continues to take one step forward and then two steps back.
you go on and on about gary johnson (did kokesh even mention him?)but GJ at least sounds like a man willing to learn and one who is open for discussion. rand, not so much, in fact ducking out the back door while some of his voters wait out front wanting a word with him sure doesn't look good.

sorry, i don't believe in perfection, but striving for it is certainly a good thing.

Practice what you preach

Your post is contradicting. He who speaks as if they know the philosophy of libertarianism and doesn't mind taxes? And you're on different posts complaining about so and so not living up to libertarianism? You say you don't believe in perfection, but you're complaining about this and that.

Just run for office yourself as the 'perfect' libertarian or keep preaching but preach to others that actually need their minds opened, most here already have their minds open.

I'm at least glad you agree on ending the wars, but the Federal reserve is what really needs to end, they are the crux behind the wars.

don't believe in it

so i can't practice it

...back to the discussion

sorry you were confused. i think i know the basics but
you're being silly too. you think i approve of taxes? Hardly. but like you i pay them because i prefer not to be locked up.
my complaints were to counter your complaints. see we both get to do it.

but friend, you have somehow concocted an image of me standing on a pulpit somewhere yelling about how perfect libertarianism should be. again, i know the basics, and learned it mostly from ron paul.

i hadn't thought of running for office, but if i did i think i'd pick what william burroughs did: commissioner of sewers.
that's a joke in case your humor is different than mine as well.

yes i stated that earlier that we are both anti-war(i was trying to find some common ground)but your following post ignored it which can be seen as hostile, or at least unfriendly. anyhow, i'm glad you acknowledged it. and yup, the FED and let's not forget our personal freedoms which seems to be slipping away by the hour.

Drive by downvotes huh ?

Rand should be a little smarter and instead say:

I support states rights, shouldn't it be the states that decide drug laws not the federal government? This is what the 10th amendment supports, I support the constitution and the 10th amendment. Prohibition of alcohol was ratified - the drug war was not, lets let each state decide that issue, and reduce the scope and power of the federal government.

This way he would win both sides of the argument and support from everyone instead of loosing support from one group.

Ron Paul never figured out this way to answer the question, but he at least has bigger balls than anyone else in congress, and is consistent in his message.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Excellent commentary and spot

Excellent commentary and spot on! Truth is truth and Rand is compromised already by trying to play politics...

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Say what you want but,,,

Say what you want but,,, Kokesh is not completely wrong here. We must hold Rand accountable as he plays politics. He cannot consider our support is in the bag.

Justify your down votes folks and don't worship people (i.e. Rand).
Instead follow the message of liberty and expect that of those you allow to lead.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Adam. The man of the hour?


free adam kokesh

Demonstration at 700 Arch, Phila Right Now

There is a demonstration in support of Adam and fellow prisoner N.A. Poe, who was also arrested with Adam, right now at the federal prison where they are being held. More details: Facebook: Solidarity for Political Prisoners Adam Kokesh and N.A Poe
This entry was posted in Action on May 19, 2013.

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