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good campaign momentum

Yesterday and today are proving to be monster momentum boosters for Dr. Paul and the campaign. First of all is the MLK money bomb which brought in almost $2 mil for a 1st quarter total that is approaching $3.5 mil after only 3 weeks ... HUGE!
When you consider Freddie is out with Huck and the Ghoul ready to implode this is the stage when the man stands out from the boys, Ron is now a heayweight fund raiser amongst the top 4 in either parties. The culling has begun for all the candidates with fundraising issues, if you are broke with either falling or flatlining campaign momentum before Super Tuesday you are finished, only those with a warchest and spark will make it to the convention. It will be fun watching the msm try to spin this!
Even though the war is obviously ours and Ron's #1 issue because of the unraveling in the financial sector we are starting to hear the talk going around that Dr.Pauls skills in monetary policy and the economy are needed in the next administration, it is not noticable in the msm but make no mistake in the circles that mean something it is being discussed.
We are seeing the list of big name endorements grow starting with former New Mexico governnor Gary Johnson and CNBC/National Review financial commentator Donald Luskin, others will follow soon!

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Would love to see this

Would love to see this snowball..

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Yes, hopefully these endorsements...

will come more rapidly now. Wouldn't it be nice to see EVERYBODY jumping on a RP bandwagon?

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