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Cody Wilson Presents "Radical" 3D Printing Vision To Kansas YAL Members

So I got a chance to meet Cody Wilson this past month before all the more recent hoopla surrounding the take down of his DefCAD files from his site. He revealed a little more of his operation to us during a intriguing 3 hour car ride the evening before.


However, I thought you'd all like to see his CEO presentation at this years Kansas Young Americans for Liberty Convention on April 20th.

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I was there

Cody started things off with a bang! I was so revved up for the rest of the conference after hearing him speak. But, my high hopes were quickly dashed when we (the audience) were turned back over to the professional political class telling us about how we can change the world by getting internships with the Koch brothers. Meanwhile we had just listened to a guy who is actually changing the world (through his revolutionary entrepreneurism) and he told us the internship path is for suckers. Seriously: why fiddle around the edges like a political hack/tool when you can make real, lasting, profound changes by being an entrepreneur like Cody?

The funniest part of the conference came when some guy who had clearly spent too much time in DC tried to define "The Language of Liberty" as essentially an "US vs. THEM, Right-wing vs. Left-wing" dichotomy in which we (presumably right-wingers) do rhetorical battle with the left-wingers on campus. Here this whole time I thought Liberty was about bringing people together across the political spectrum, not playing rhetorical "right vs. left" games. Also, I wondered how getting into pissing matches with the College Democrats would help to advance liberty to anywhere near the same extent that Cody has with his approach.

Cody's message is clear and beautiful: we don't need the politicians anymore. We do not need their permission. In fact, if they try to stop us from exercising our liberty, we will openly defy them. And we will defeat tyranny... with technology and entrepreneurism. Gotta love them Cypher-punks/ Crypto-anarchists! They get things DONE baby!

P.S> Other than this presentation by Cody and the keynote speech by Tom Woods (WHO I LOVE!), this conference was a complete waste of my time. But, to see these two titans of liberty, it was definitely worth enduring 4-5 hours of mind-numbing blather from the inside-the-beltway group.