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Massive tornado in Oklahoma levels 2 schools full of kids

Not all have been accounted for yet from what I can find. OMG this hits close to home for me. Praying for Oklahoma!!


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Is it possible to

know a tornado is coming and drive away from it (like the storm chasers do)? Load the school kids into buses and drive away from the monster. Or have storm basements...mandatory in tornado-prone states...

It's so frustrating to imagine people just sitting there waiting for the thing to hit.

On our hearts and in our prayers.

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You'd very possibly have

You'd very possibly have buses of children struck by the tornado.

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If you wanna pay for those

If you wanna pay for those mandatory basements, go for it. And yes, you can drive away from them though it's not ideal because the roads might be gridlocked and then you end up stuck in the car and outside. If you have enough time, and can stay off of the highway then I have no qualms about people getting out of Dodge before a monster twister hits. If they have no basement it's probably a better idea. Oh and the tornado warning was issued BEFORE the tornado plopped down and the tornado itself was on the ground for 40 minutes so they had a tremendous amount of warning time. The storm did go from just a storm to a massive tornado in a quick time, yet they had great warnings with helicopters on it from multiple news channels. Also - the May 3rd 1999 tornado lead to a lot of Oklahomans seeking out custom tornado shelters to add to their homes - This will happen again. Unfortunately Oklahoma is seeking to create shortages by issuing a "no price gouging" law for the next several months. As more and more people seek shelters, the price of those resources will rise but the businesses will not be allowed to raise prices beyond 10% - this is what government can do when it gets in the way with their well intended, but ultimately asinine laws. This is but ONE shortage they'll create. Building supplies will also start running out soon.

They only had about a 10 minute warning.


From what I understand, that's what happened

It was a school of 500 students, but 75 third graders and adults were still in one of the schools. Those pictures coming out from the school scene are consistent with that story based on the ages of the kids coming out of there.

Not for most tornadoes, though. Most of the time you know there's a cloud overhead likely to produce a tornado, but you don't know exactly where it will form and you're safer hunkering down as well as you can where you are. And then the tornado isn't on the ground long enough that there's a way to warn people ahead in the path. This was an exception because the tornado had formed elsewhere and was on the ground long enough that warning people ahead in the path was possible. You probably couldn't call each house in a neighborhood, but you can phone a school principal.

Also, the ground isn't right for basements in that area. They attempt them because storm shelters are that important. They dig in the ground a bit and leave some breathing space above ground in case the ground water gets in so it's like a concrete bunker. But basements and safe rooms do save loads of people every year. They are worthwhile.

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Robert, as I said yesterday

Robert, as I said yesterday in another other thread on this subject, when the "power is officially out" you need a battery-powered weather radio with an alert capability. I'm serious. People that don't heed my advice might well find themselves possibly dead as tornadoes can occur at all hours of the day. Over night, more people will needlessly die in other states because they don't have basic gear like battery-powered weather radios.

How many of the estimated dead (90+ currently) could have been spared with a bit more preparation? I know from decades of experience ... and a battery-powered weather radio with an alert function is ESSENTIAL.


I agree 100%. Also, if you

I agree 100%. Also, if you live in a tornado prone area you should know the location and how to easily get to the nearest tornado shelter at all times. It should go without saying but so many people just assume it will never happen to them becuase it has not happened to them yet.

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I'm in Alabama where we had a massive outbreak 2 years ago and we had people killed for this very reason... one line came through in the morning and knocked power out in many places then when the big tornadoes began to form some people had no idea where they were.

That being said... we also had people killed who did everything within their power to do... many who were even in their basements. Sometimes it's just too powerful.

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Video Of What I Witnessed and Went Through

Video of me down in the tornado shelter waiting out the storm!

And this is as I watch the monster tornado grow live;

Bad day!

If weather is geo-engineered, it's not an Act of God.

How many man-made deaths constitute genocide?

Will States prosecute these mass-murders.

Not to early to put plans in place to protect ourselves if government takes over for God.

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Isn't it amazing how natural disasters

Strike when Obama's political future is in jeopardy?

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It does seem very suspicious,

It does seem very suspicious, especially after the scandals then CNN broke the story on how Obama was still very popular then suddenly these tornados. I remember when Rupert Murdock was about to get nailed for his fraud and that is when the Norway shooting suddenly happened.

Geo Engineering is a real science and the gov does have the tech to seed massive storms that could cause these tornados. This will def clog up the news cycles for months to come.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Obama released

his long form birth certificate fraud on April 27, 2011. Massive tornadoes swept through the South. There is some factual history for your comment...;)


To all those in the tornado area, we send our prayers.


I didn't see the birth certificate until months later because of that. It was horrible. It took a while for me to see the details on OBL's death, too.

Can you provide links for the geo-engineering evidence? It's not something I've even looked into...

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some info on Nibiru and the mayans and how they were right. Hell, let's include the Lindbergh baby while we're at it.

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Nobody is allowed to read anything you deem to be incorrect.

God forbid anyone want to look at something for their self before writing it off as crazy...

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lindbergh baby

and I'll raise you amelia earhart

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Look, I'm tired

What is your point?

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I'm not the one changing my point

I'll say it again, he was inciting unlawful activity. He was arrested for it. Inciting smoking pot, where smoking pot is illegal, is also illegal. Duh.

Pretty much what I said in this thread this afternoon.

What's yours? Are you still confused about whether it was legal to smoke it there? Are you still unclear about what I'm saying? Are you going to claim you've been up for 72 hours?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

I'm all for going after conspiracy idiots

but I think your posting on the wrong thread. This is the tornado was controlled by Obama thread, not the feds kidnapped Kokesh thread

oh man

oops. Lindbergh baby?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


Nope, I've been asleep since immediately after that post saying I was tired... perhaps you need some rest?

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Or some blocking...

Done. There, that feels better. Blocked PatriotsUnderGod as well the other day.

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The Alex Jones exclusive:

"Lindbergh baby was eaten by the Illuminati" thread was last week.

Trolls have no point

Trolls have no point other than to create chaos and discord.

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So How Soon

before the Tornado was a false flag posts start appearing?
I think I saw a barrage of drone missiles in a video on youtube.. not really

1 hour 30 mins approximately

Lets talk weather modification and these tornadoes in Oklahoma




1 school everybody got out. 20-30 missing 7 confirmed dead at the other school.

Live video

I saw a comment that all the

I saw a comment that all the children in the school are accounted for. Not sure though.