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Best vid of Adam Kokesh arrest?

This is the best video i've seen so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvm5TEIXsfY. The other ones I saw didn't have footage this close to the start of the police goin up to him. This video is still missing, I calculate, 1 second of police contact, and 3 seconds before police contact as they were approaching. Does anybody have a video that show's 100% of the encounter?

Per point 6. of the affidavit (available here:
http://freeadam.net/2013/05/20/adam-kokesh-accused-felony/), here's the specifics on the crime that the Park Ranger alleges Kokesh committed:

"National Park Service Rangers approached members of the crowd who were seen in possession of what appeared to be marijuana cigarettes. KOKESH was next to and had locked arms with a person who had a marijuana cigarette. As the Ranger approached the person with the cigarette, KOKESH physically blocked and obstructed the Ranger. As the RAgner pushed forward, KOKESH grabbed the Ranger by the arm to hold him back. KOKESH was then taken into custody."

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Looks like they're just pissed because they couldn't smash

Adam's face into the dirt like they did to the other guy in the video. Here's another video of Adam being loaded into the police van.


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F**K the law!

I can really, REALLY hear Dr Paul saying that!
Adam Kokesh is one of those selfish little "libertarians" who thinks that libertarianism is "All about me". Wrong, Adam, true libertarianism is All about Everybody. Idiot!

Okay, So...

thank you for these angles. Including the one Lao Tzua shares here, I've seen three videos from separate angles that appear to capture the whole thing. When these three are put together, it's abundantly clear that there was no assualt on a federal officer. I'm hoping someone puts all three together (for example, his defense attorney) to be used as exonerating evidence.

That would be nice, he has a

That would be nice, he has a good case with the footage.

History has shown cops federal or not get away with this all the time so, hopefully he'll go all the way.

this video is missing the start of encounter with

the police. So it doesn't prove that he didn't resisted/that he did resist

This clearly shows he did not resist arrest

best video yet to support his cause.

"mega lawsuit" all the officers involved should be sued personally for massive damages.


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what are you talking about?

it doesn't clearly show that. Why? because it's missing the first few seconds of the encounter

to drag someone away as if he

to drag someone away as if he is some sort of animal going to its slaughter, that is the regard that is the contempt

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