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Ron Paul sent me a "Thank You" letter!

A few weeks ago I sent Ron Paul a copy of the book I wrote for youth,"Meet Ron Paul." Enclosed was a short explanation of this grassroots project and it's goal to donate a copy of this book to as many school libraries as possible. If anything, I just wanted to make sure he was aware of the book and project.

I never expected a response but my jaw hit the floor when I saw an envelope from his Campaign for Liberty office. Inside was a short thank you note on one of the pages of a copy of a booklet that contained his "Farewell to Congress" speech. Needless to say, it will be treasured and passed down to my daughter one day. You can see the note at HTTP://www.Facebook.com/MeetRonPaul

If you would like a copy of this book for your children, grandchildren, neighbor's kid, or to donate to your local school library you can find them here... HTTP://www.MeetRonPaul.com Also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble's websites.

Thank you all for your support,
Mat Blankenship

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I suspect that your

I suspect that your experience isn't that unusual.

Years ago, in the early 1980's during his first stint in congress, I wrote him a short letter, just because I thought he could use the encouragement of knowing that there were a few of us who knew who he was, shared his values, and knew what he was up against. He was alone on a very small island in those days. He wrote back a short personal note of thanks.

I've written to many congress critters over the years, but this was the only time I received a response that wasn't a form letter, and of course his is the only letter from a congressman that I kept.

It's been said by many but bears repeating... Ron Paul was a once in a lifetime congressman, and is a special human being.

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That's awesome.

I wish I could say I knew who Ron Paul was back in the early 80's but I was just a kid. Kudos for hanging around so long.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

Ron Paul is the greatest ever!

I sent Ron Paul a copy of a book that I hadn't even finished reading because I wanted him to have a copy. This was in 2007. I felt it was so important for him to review this book because the issues it dealt with were critical to our survival as a nation.

I encouraged him to say yes to a presidential run, which he had not yet committed to. I was so new to the Ron Paul way, being a former Neocon myself, I didn't even know that he had run for president once already.

Ron wrote me back a personal note of thanks and assured me he was well aware of the issues discussed in this short book. He thanked me for my encouragement and support. I will cherish this letter until I die and pass it on to my children!

The book is titled "Economic $olution$, The Incredible Story of how You and America Are Being Bankrupted & What You Can Do To Avoid the Wipeout", by Peter Kershaw. This small book literally changed my thinking about nearly everything, especially money.

Finally, I discovered that the good Dr. is actually quoted in this book. Go figure!

God Bless Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul and his whole family!

Ha! How cool is that!

Ha! How cool is that!

Very cool!

To me at least.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

Thank you for sharing


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Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

So cool

Great job btw

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Thank you

For your support!

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

gotta love Ron

Once we get to an honest dialog in this country everyone will love him..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

One can

only hope!

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/