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Call To Action: Let's Get Some Mileage Out of This!

As you know, we just got a fabulous endorsement from Norma McCorvey (the "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade fame; now a pro-life activist). Here on the Daily Paul, we've all "hoorayed" and high-fived each other over obtaining such a sterling endorsement.

Now let's put the power of this endorsement to use:

We need to contact all the Right to Life organizations across the U.S., mention Norma McCorvey's endorsement of RP, and urge their organizations to join with Norma in endorsing Ron Paul for President.

We've got great leverage here...let's not let this golden opportunity slip through our fingers!!!

We RP supporters are fervent about doing everything we can to help get Ron Paul elected president. In this case, simply sending a quick email to all Right-To-Life and similar associations nationwide will go a long way to garner additional support.

This is submitted late, Pacific Time, so it may get lost in the Forum Shuffle...bumps to keep this thread alive would be appreciated. We can't afford to pass up the catalyst of this valuable endorsement!

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Example Letter to RTL Groups

Thanks, axisOF good, for your kind words. What a compliment, being compared with Ron Paul!

So, I thought you all might appreciate seeing the letter I'm sending out. Feel free to use it yourself, but I strongly urge you to switch it up, modify it, and write it in "your voice" so that these organizations don't receive a ton of carbon-copy mailings.

Here's my letter (I am personalizing it for each group I send to) --


Dear [Contact Name, if available],

I am writing to ask for [your organization]'s endorsement for Dr Ron Paul, OB/GYN, 10-term Congressman from Texas, and Republican presidential candidate.

Your parent organization, the NRLC, sought out a presidential candidate to endorse who was in synch with your group's aims. The NRLC looked to Fred Thompson to further the cause of life. Of course, by now you know that Fred Thompson has dropped out of the presidential race for 2008.

You now have the opportunity to endorse the presidential candidate who was just recently endorsed by Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of Row v. Wade fame (and now vocal Pro-Life advocate) at the March for Life Convention: Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Ron Paul, an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies is, and has always been consistently pro-life. He has already received many other pro-life endorsements, in addition to Norma McCorvey's. Dr. Paul would greatly value receiving the endorsement of your organization, and would, of course, work tirelessly in furthering the aims of your cause.

Dr. Ron Paul is the only one left in the race that actually has a plan to overturn Roe v. Wade by returning the issue to the states. This is the same plan that Fred Thompson was pursuing; the same plan you would continue to support. Dr. Ron Paul is also pursuing direct legislation in congress, and has submitted several bills that would prohibit the federal government from interfering in pro-life legislation passed by the states, declare that life begins at conception, and pass an amendment to the constitution that would prohibit abortion.

No other candidate for president has been so active in promoting the pro-life agenda, nor can they speak with such authority on the subject. You can freely review his voting record over the decades, and see for yourself that Dr. Ron Paul does not merely pay lip service -- he walks the talk, even if that means he is alone in voting in a principled manner on legislation...because he is a principled man.

In addition to being a 10-term Congressman from Texas, married to his bride Carol for 51 years this February, and possessing the unique perspective of 40 years' experience as a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology (a perspective that no other presidential candidate can match), Dr. Ron Paul also thoroughly understands economics and is the committed champion of the U.S. Constitution.

I respectfully request that [your organization] gives its endorsement to Dr.Ron Paul, and exhort you to urge the NRLC to join you in this endorsement. To find out more about Dr. Ron Paul, please visit his official website: www.ronpaul2008.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

BUMMMP...."fanofwalt" makes as much....

...sense as the Doc HIMSELF with his longish post two below this!!

Rally Cry!

Are you looking up the RTL affiliates in your state and contacting them?

Let's get going on this, folks! :D

Saw This Coming ;)

First things first: this thread is NOT about pro-choice vs. pro-life. I'm sure there's another thread here somewhere about that conversation; let's not let this thread become that discussion.


I'm the original poster of this thread. And I gotta tell you, I posted it with some hesitation, because I foresaw the Pandora's Box it would open. Heck, I personally am on the fence about this issue. But I decided it was more important to go ahead with posting this, and here's why:

People: we RP supporters are, to put it mildly, a diverse group. Kind of like...oh, like America. Unlike the supporters of other campaigns, who are very much of one kind of exclusive mindset, we welcome and embrace all who desire Liberty (that's a big "L") above and beyond our personal interests and pet issues.

Who are Ron Paul supporters?
Rich people. Poor people. Middle class.
White. Black. Various shades of melanin in between.
Pro-choice. Pro-life. Undecided on that issue.
Critical thinkers. Classically educated. Homeschoolers. Public schoolers.
Free thinkers. Conspiracy theorists. 911 Truthers.
Economic experts. People who stuff cash in their mattresses.
Young people. Seniors. All age groups along the scale.
I am Ron Paul.
You are Ron Paul.

Get it? We are the one bastion of hope left where people can unify for a cause despite our differences. Sort of like (ahem) what our Nation is supposed to be (remember?). The nation is watching us, people. They need to see hope that such a diverse group, as RP supporters are, can prove that we, as a nation, can indeed put aside our differences and pull together for the sacred cause of Liberty!!

I'll bet everything I have (which ain't much after the recent money bomb donation!) that there are a LOT of people who do not agree 100% on every issue with their preferred candidate. The only way to get The Perfect Candidate For You is to run for office yourself.

RP has received donations from certain individuals that the press would like to rake him over the coals for. They demand he renounce their funds. But RP would not do it. Can RP help who is drawn to his campaign? Would you like to see him exclude people from contributing because he disagrees with a contributor on some particular issue? If so, he's going to have return a loooot of money to everyday supporters like you and me.

Would you like all the RTL funds going to support Huck's campaign? (Go ahead and mentally consider how large an amount of $ and votes that embraces.)

Because that is precisely where all those supporting dollars will go, if we do not act on this now.

To those who are worried about "scaring off" potential supporters: it didn't scare Ron, now, did it?

To those of you who are yourselves getting a little "scared off" from this endorsement: remember RP's position, that it should be a matter left to the states.

And before anybody cuts and runs over this issue, please ask yourself: what good will the right to a federally-funded abortion be, if you have lost all your other liberties?

We have this endorsement. Regardless of your stand on this position, that really is the key question you have to ask yourself.

What good is it if I get [insert pet issue here], but lose all my other liberties?

Iconoclasm will be our downfall. Unity will be our success. Liberty will be the prize.

I again urge you to contact all the RTL associations. Today.

Just be honest there never gonna get the constitution amended

This is the best that can be done with the current state of the country

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

We have to stress Amendment very unlikely

When addressing the pro-life groups, we need to stress that an Amedment to the Constitution is very unlikely, according to the national polls. And, that Ron Paul solution to force the Feds out of the Roe v Wade case, and send it back to the states, is the best route to take on the matter. Tell them to look at his record, as a pro-life congressman, and the Constitutional value of any bills he may have opposed. We must act fast, or the decieving preacher man Huckaberry will grab the title.

Be careful, people...

Ron Paul needs the votes of Libertarians, Democrats and Independents who are pro-choice. You make too much of a hoopla over the 'Roe' endorsement, you may well lose more votes than you gain for Ron Paul.

the quiet majority

not many would be scared off the RP train, quite to the contrary fresh new numbers would be a God send (no pun intended) . over analysis = micromanagement = futility

the problem is that no presidential candidate

can reflect all the views of every voter...somehow people have come to expect that, so politicians craft mumbling positions so as to offend the least number of people. It is this style of politics that is destroying us.

If it were my choosing, I would return the power over this issue to the States, which is what reversing Roe v Wade would do. Then, given the huge differences of belief on abortion, some states would make it legal and others not. We are free to choose the state we live in.

I do take your point, but this is what he believes and I can live with it.

no doubt about it

can you say 'sea-change', c'mon evangelicals, c'mon home to Ron Paul !


A hat tip to you fanofwalt. You've come up with a great idea and have clearly done some hard work getting the info below. Now, e-mails away.

RTL Contact Info

First off, a hat tip to axisOFgood, posted below, who makes a couple of very good points!

Now, here's some contact information to help get you started on this call to action. Note that some of these organizations do not provide an email address and will require an actual telephone call. :)

I just went to the main NRLC site, went to their States page, and found all the organizations listed below, just like that. Only three states are covered here -- let's contact organizations in all 50!

Remember, the NRLC had endorsed Thompson, who is now out of the race. Let's contact these folks immediately!

Contact information for NRLC-affiliated organizations in upcoming states:

Arkansas Right To Life (Statewide Org.)
PO Box 1697
Little Rock AR 72203
- Phone: 501-663-4237
- Email: artl@artl.org

Arkansas Chapters:

Baxter County RTL
Gene McCoy: 870-424-4037
Email realmccoys@suddenlink.net

Benton County RTL
Stella: 479-464-0548
Email wswadley@sbcglobal.net f

Carroll County RTL
Dwayne Generaux: 870-654-3675
Email dwayne@humifiedcompost.com

Jonesboro RTL (Craighead county)
Shawn Gott: 870-219-0519
Email talk2us@jrtl.net

Logan County RTL
Donna: 479-438-1564
Email madraf@catholic.org

Pike & Howard County RTL
Lois Wise: 870-285-2814

Randolph County RTL
Maria Taylor: 870-248-0163
Email: throeschtaylor@yahoo.com

Saline County RTL
Jody Jordan: 501-776-2728

Searcy County RTL
Buck Mays: 870-439-2599

Stone County RTL
Lorraine Christen: 870-269-2060

Washington County RTL
Jerry Keith: 479-263-7278
Email: gkeith@appraisalsinc.com

WestArk RTL (Sebastian & Crawford counties)
David Ingram: 479-452-3470
Email: wabbits@sbcglobal.net


Florida Right To Life, Inc.
378 CenterPointe Circle #1250
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Phone: 407-834-LIFE
Email: frtl@embarqmail.com
Website: www.frtl.org

Florida Chapters:

Karen Napier, President
Panama City FL

John Aman, President
Tewannah Aman, Ex. Dir.
Ft. Lauderdale FL

Gaye Stokes, President
Inverness FL

Joe Hennessy, President
Naples FL

Bob Brady, President
Ft. Walton Beach FL

Kristin Dunlap, President
Pensacola FL

Suzan Corral, President
Tampa FL

Jack Jordan, President
Sebastian FL

Garry & Debbie Gochenaur, Contact
Marianna, FL

Carole Griffin, President
Tallahassee FL

Lynda Bell, President
Homestead FL

Martha Allen, President
Miami FL

Frances Fitzgerald, President
Wellington FL

Barbara Coggins, Designee
New Port Richey FL

Bill Cochrane, President
Dade City FL

Jim Styer, President
Sarasota FL

Belinda Noda, President
St. Augustine FL

Tim Gallien, President
Bunnell FL


ProLife Louisiana (state-wide org)
* Email: info@prolifelouisiana.org
* Phone:
- 1.866.463.5433 (toll-free)
- 504.835.6520
* Fax: 504.835.6522
* Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7962 Metairie, LA 70010
* On Location: 3008 20th Street Suite K Metairie, LA 70002

Here Are Lousiana Chapters:

Acadiana Right to Life Committee
* Serves the Lafayette Area
* Contact: President, Suzanne Tierney
- 337.235.4327
- Email: suzanne_tierney@hotmail.com
- P.O. Box 53182 Lafayette, LA 70505

Baton Rouge Right to Life
* Where: Serves the Baton Rouge Area
* Contact: Paul & Ann Bergeron
- Email: ann70821@mac.com
- Phone: 225.756.8842
- 7717 Dividend Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Bayou Right to Life
* Where: Serves Assumption Parish
* Contact: James J. Hubbell, President
- Email: jhubbell@charter.net
- Phone: 985.369.6580

Eunice Right to Life
* Serves Eunice, LA
* Contact:
Mike Simon via email: mikelsim@bellsouth.net
Sharon Fontentot via phone: 337.457.9660

Maurice Right to Life
* Serves Maurice, LA
* Contact: Claudine Desormeaux
- Phone: 337.893.8070
- Email: dcd8070@bellsouth.net
- P.O. Box 125 Maurice, LA 70555

New Orleans Right to Life
* Serves the Greater New Orleans Area
* Contact: Carlton Guillot, President
- Phone: 504-835-6520
- Email: cguillot@jeffparish.net
- P.O. Box 7962 Metairie, LA 70010

Northwest Louisiana Right to Life
* Serves Northwest Region of Louisiana, including Shreveport
* Contact: Deb Brittan
- Phone: 318-230-3823
- Email: deb@puritypays.com

Sacred Right to Life
* Serves the Monroe Area
* Contact: Jack Wright Jr.
- 318.387.0993
- Email: jackwrightjr@bellsouth.net
- 602 Bres Avenue Monroe, LA 71201

St. Landry Right to Life
* Serves St. Landry Parish (Opelousas)
* Contact: John & Jeri Miller -- Phone: 337.948.9559
(no email provided)

St. Tammany Right to Life
* Where: Serves St. Tammany Parish
* Contact: Michelle Gorney, Secretary
- Email: seelachelle@yahoo.com
- Phone: 985-882-7210
- P.O. 2606 Slidell, LA 70459-260

Terrebonne-Lafourche Right to Life Association
* Where: Serves Terrebonne & Lafource Parishes
* Contact: William (Bill) Watkins, President
- Phone: 985.876.1623
- Email: rtl6041@yahoo.com
- P.O. Box 3017 Houma, LA 70361

* * * end of really long list * * *

what many FORGET....

#1....Ron Paul's stance, while pro-life, is NOT "anti-choice." All he supports is the Roe v. Wade decision being over-turned and each STATE being responsible for their own abortion (or NOT) laws.

#2....The huckster-style people (as well as "choice" advocates I suppose) need to realize that if the government is allowed to decide to end life BEFORE it starts, what is next?? Perhaps ending it (euthanasia) at the "end" when someone (maybe YOU??) is considered "unproductive"....?? Sure would be a nice way to save the expense coming up when millions of us baby-boomers begin retiring, wouldn't it??


position of constitutional amendment is absolutely disingenuous, another attempt to trick those gullible evangelicals into voting for him- it just does not get any more transparent. julieannie is more creepy than hucky, but not by much.

Do This Now!

Wow -- I just noticed from the RTL website that their organization had endorsed Fred Thompson for president back in November 2007.

Well, Fred's out of the race! We need to act NOW to earn the National RTL's and State RTLs' support for Ron Paul. Now is the time to strike!

Contact list?

I am pro-life, but not an activist. Can someone provide a list of email and/or snail-mail contacts?

RTL Website

Here's the National Right To Life website: http://www.nrlc.org/
(yes, that's "nrlc" -- it stands for "National Right to Life Committee.)

To find your state: http://www.nrlc.org/states/index.html

But don't feel that you have to restrict yourself to only contacting offices in your own state! ;)

i didn't realize she had

i didn't realize she had endorsed him. Link?

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."- JFK

Research! Get all RTL Contact Info!

Start researching and contacting RTL and similar organizations in your state!

Here's your requested link --

"Jane Roe" Endorses Ron Paul on Roe v. Wade Anniversary