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Stuck on a Maybe

This is for those of you that have followed this road to "truth" all the way to the end. For me, the dark path through the forest of Alex Jones and Gerald Celente lead to Napoleon Hill and W.C. Stone. I hope those of you just setting out upon your journey eventually reach the same destination. Yes, there is a bright side to this dark deception we all revel in daily here at the DP :)

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Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer,

Deepak Chopra, Tom Hopkins, Fred Rogers, Tony Robbins, Joyce Brothers, Alan Watts...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

go on...

really loving jack canfield right now, personally :)

Yours in Liberty,

Jack Canfield! That guy's a genius!

I like the Chicken Soup books but LOVE listening to Jack talk - a calm, reasoned voice.

Jack Zufelt could also be on the list. I've got thousands of hours of these guys on tape, cd, mp3. Dig into Brian Tracy if you haven't already - he crossed the Sahara when he was 18 to see if he could do it and live...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

As always...

...feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

Yours in Liberty,


Spend more than $50 and get a better guitar.
Use good strings and tune it right.
Don't play so hard.

Thanks for taking the time :P

Mean-spirited undertones aside :)

Yours in Liberty,

Not positive enough?

OK, $50 guitar might be a little harsh.
I've got to ask, what is it and how old are the strings?


It's actually a Taylor baby. 3/4 Guitar. And you're right, the strings are pretty old :) But poor sound quality probably has a lot more to do with the way I record and mix, I don't take too much time and I'm admittedly fairly lost in that department. I've been focused on the writing, so it is in that area that I generally request feedback. And I enjoy the negative as much as the positive. Maybe I will one day find the time or help to create studio-quality music to showcase. For now, I'm grinding it out with my day job and offering my better half most of the remainder of my time :)

Yours in Liberty,

Everyone is a critic

It's easier than actually doing something, like you.
I don't care for the thin sound of the Taylor Babies. Old strings, intonation problems.. ha!.. it's really just an overgrown ukelele, right?
Is this your only guitar? You have to get another. I love pawn shops for guitar bargains and have more than my talent deserves. Watch for Yairi Alvarez acoustics, you will be impressed at the sound, quality and value. Try to keep this a secret to keep the prices down. Keep up the writing and singing so I can say I mentored a star some day!