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Welcome to the USA-SSR. Adam Kokesh being illegally detained in federal prison under fake charges.

[UPDATE: If you want to give money to AK legal defense fund visit www.freeadam.net ]

Marine Iraq-War Veteran and liberty-minded journalist and activist Adam Kokesh is being held in a federal penitentiary in Philadelphia without bail for allegedly--allegedly--grabbing the arm ("felony assault of a federal officer") while the Park Police moved in to make arrests on a legalize cannabis demonstration where many decided to light up in protest.

Adam did not light up, nor was he in possession of any cannabis at the time of his arrest by the feds...but he had just finished giving the keynote speech.

Now, for anybody who knows well of Adam, he is a very smart man and knows how to be complicit in arrests and also knows NEVER to make aggressive moves toward the cops, such as grabbing their arm.

From video accounts of Adam not resisting arrest, and from eyewitness accounts I am 99% sure that Adam would not make such a stupid move like grabbing the arm of a police officer. Who in their right mind would???

And so the judge in the hearing this morning denied him bail because he was "at risk of doing too many drugs."

WTF?? Never heard that one before.

This has all the hallmarks of a frame-up, and is very similar to the tactics used in the old Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Dissidents there were regularly framed with false or set-up charges...to take them out of circulation. Or the dissident would be "declared" (trans. "framed") "insane" by some government-paid psychiatrist, thus disappearing the targeted individual to a mental institution, forever.

To "arbitrarily arrest and detain citizens" is step number 6 in Naomi Wolf's 10 steps to the closing down of a society in her book The End of America.

It's happening. Everyone should be concerned.

Just because Adam Kokesh is so very outspoken and sometimes a little outrageous in his tactics, does not mean that is why the Feds targeted him. If they can come after Adam...they can come after any of us!

Welcome to the United States of the Third Reich.

Welcome to the USA---SSR. Wake up, America!!

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ADDENDUM: Two posters, "PHREEDOM" and "MaxK", added some brilliant legal comments into this thread and I am reposting them here as citations and quotes:


****Below are quotes taken from a larger post in this thread by PHREEDOM****

(I encourage you to page down and read the whole thing. It blows the lid off of the criminal enterprise our court systems have become.)

"Who is the member of the governed alleging actual injury? Without this there is no valid cause of action and the "Court" lacks jurisdiction in the subject matter. The Plaintiff in the record claims to be the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Adam has the right to face his accuser but the only one who will face him are ones who claim no liability for their own actions under the colorable name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

"Our laws state that just power/powers of Justice are derived from the consent of the governed not consent of the Government. Consent of the Governed is required for the very purpose of the Court maintaining complete and total impartiality in the process of fair justice. The Courts and attorneys have failed to realize this simple fact not out of ignorance but out of a guilty contempt of their binding prohibitions in their mens rea driven acts of exerting unlawful control over another. The men who voluntarily took the oath and contracted to bind themselves under the Constitution founded in our organic law are the ones in breach of duty and the men claiming to be "officers" have given Adam a valid cause of action against them."

"The Judge should be seeking the elements of a valid cause of action and seeking to maintain the Powers of Justice being derived directly from the people through an accusation that one accepts liability for. They don't want to do this because they know they will lose all their power...."


****Below quote from a post in this thread by MaxK*****

"Also, holding someone's arm that pushed you to the ground to maintain balance - which doesn't appear to actually have occurred, not only is not an actionable (and real) injury or rises to the level of assault by any stretch of wicked imagination, but under the circumstances, should result in a multitude of charges against the plaintiff. Filing false charges to cause harm and deny someone rights is a crime under a bunch of different statues."

"It is the kangaroo court system that is currently in this country that is causing most of our problems."


AMEN to all of the above!

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Well mike,

At least you're speaking with me, rather than barking at me; this is a good starting point to talk the issue through using sound logic and common sense.
I'm glad you could find something in my post to hang your hat upon, as flimsily tied to your original assertion as it is. But I digress, let's examine what I said that you quoted against the words of your charge against me?
your summation, shows that you can see the " foolishness " that Adam displayed in doing what he did. But that as you know was NOT you original charge against me of which I shall now remind you.
That charge : supporting terrorist, or to the heart of what your intent was, support a tyrannical government.

That charge of course won't stick, as you discovered; for it is clear that I support NEITHER party in this sordid affair, both are culpable, both are wrong: BUT IT WAS WITHIN ADAM's abilities to avoid this boondoggle, and he CHOSE NOT TOO, therefore the greater RESPONSABILITY is his. For to have the expectation that a rogue, tyrannical Government, which we now presently suffer, shall exercise restraint in tyranny, is rather unconscionable, even deliberately self blinded.
Mike, if we shout from the roof tops we will do anything for limited, and unobtrusive Government, then the world IS WATCHING to see how we show we live. Adam, has rather unique expectations placed upon him by the manner of his PRESUMED AUTHORITY as he is a SPOKESMAN; if our spokesmen can not display the discipline of wise counsel, then we offer to this nation, and by extension, to this earth, not Liberty through self government, but anarchy through self will run riot.

I've enjoyed speaking with you, and I pray that we shall have opportunity to do so at length in other threads, or perhaps face to face, one never knows of these things, God sets the day and I merely trust in his abundant good favor to see me through.
Every man is , by virtue of birth in America, the right to be as wrong as they so shall choose; but they've also the same right to choose to live in such a manner that their very lives become no offense unto others. It is the former who run to riot, the latter who command respect, of which shall Mike choose to be? I have great confidence, in the latter, for my former day were of the first example, but time and consequence has shown me a better way of Faith; and my loved ones can attest, as well as the bailiff; this way makes me more welcome by the first and unseen of the last. Who then can doubt that Mike, a man of passionate concerns shall not also grow in the full statute of maturity? Not I, rather I say, keep on keepin on, burry not your zeal, but temper it with much thought before expression.

God Bless you Mike, be wise.


Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

So much time and effort and expense...

put forth by the "authorities" to keep us all in line, which isn't working due to the fact that the line they are attempting to keep us in is mired in trite, fabricated bullshit.

Think of all the money they waste laying our future beneath stone...no wonder our infrastructure, defense, economy and motivation as a nation is in dire straits...wake up "authorities"...you're children will starve and become indebted involuntarily and by force...you are not keeping any peace, only fueling the flames.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

USSR = United Soviet States

USSR = United Soviet States of Russia, therefore it should be USSA. (semantics really) :P
While it is certain that they are just looking for a reason to lock him up, he did post half a dozen videos on youtube smoking what he claimed to be DMT, so I the judge using that against him.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

In the City of Brotherly

In the City of Brotherly Love. Right. I want to know the names of the government employee people making these absurd claims against Adam.

They couldn't

They couldn't take him down, therefore he was 'resisting'.

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You are exactly right.


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.