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How The Private Sector Outperforms Public Policing

To see how the private sector outperforms public policing in the real world, just take a look at Detroit.

Yes, Detroit of all places. So ruined by government planning, Detroit is becoming a hotbed of spontaneous order...of the market stepping in to do what the government has never managed to do properly. Frustrated with the poor service from their tax-funded overseers, Detroit residents have turned to the private sector for security and protection, like the customer-satisfying efficiency of private protection as provided by Dale Brown and his organization, Threat Management Center.


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~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Ditto Johny-Boy


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*Excellent* story

This snippet of the article says it all:

"The key to effective protection, says Dale, is love. Not guns, not violence, not laws. His employees have to love their customers. They have to care about their customers' safety more than their own. They also have to be the kind of people who would rather not use violence first. This is the exact opposite of what the government advocates for its police officers. Government teaches police that their own safety is paramount, and in these late stages of the degenerate empire, local governments are also recruiting recent war veterans who have become well used to using violence against the people whose land they occupy to keep them in line."

Funny how sanity rears it's lovely head

when government is removed from the equation!