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What States Will Be The Hardest To Win?

Someone earlier on Monday posted a thread to Projected RP %(I think they figured in things such as meet-up groups in each state, age averages, etc)...
Seems the Midwest people might be the most difficult (area )to convince(many Union people )?
Ohio only(around) 3-4% projected, in March?
I know this is just guess work... but from the people I have spoken to, few will vote for RP. Many are union members, meaing they will vote Democrat no matter what(if they like anyone running, or not).
One guy told me that depsite the fact he's Voting Democrat(Union autoworker/parts fellow)he said he liked RP's way of getting donations, and no corporations money( talked to him many times, but he's going with his company's wishes of Vote Democrat).

The young man who got me interested in RP(he's 32), now is voting for OBama!

Most people here just blindy vote party..don't care who wins...Old Folks, Union members, etc...
Farmers don't care about RP, because they think he's a neo-con( are they confused!).

Spouse has seen Very Few RP signs(2-3), and those are near the Air Force base near Dayton Ohio.

I have seen No Candidate signs in yards in Indiana, or most of Ohio.

Seems all I get is Bad Attitude, when I approach about RP, or try to hand out homemade "Liberty" cards, by the college, etc, once a week.
They walk by you like you aren't there.
Seems they have a chip on their shoulders the size of Montana, or something.
Maybe it's the jobs(47 or 48th out of 50 states in unemployment).
I dunno.
It's going to be rough in the Midwest, unless RP gets Louisiana(and it's on MSM tv), etc...

Hope you folks are having better luck than I am.

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